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After the climactic events of ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’, Season 7 of Game of Thrones has come to a close. The Edge‘s resident Thrones fanatics have been tirelessly reviewing each dramatic episode as it released each week. Although their love for everything Westeros may have had something to do with it, Season 7 has received overwhelming praise from our writers. We don’t know when GoT will be returning to our screens, but let’s look back at our reviews in a hopeless attempt to recreate the magic.

Episode 1 – ‘Dragonstone’ ???????????????? 

Credit: HBO

“It’s finally time. After what feels like waiting for an eternity, Season 7 of Game of Thrones is here and it’s safe to say that it does not disappoint. The opening episode certainly takes a geographical adventure, visiting most of the Game of Thrones realm.

“The episode has set up so much for the rest of the season. Dragonstone, King’s Landing, the Citadel, Windfell and the North; there’s so many places so it will be interesting to see if the remaining episodes can cover all of these stories in enough detail. Winter has come and so has Game of Thrones.” Natasha Dennington

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Episode 2 – ‘Stormborn’ ????????????????

Credit: HBO

“Overall, this episode has everything – it’s gruesome, challenging, creepy (oh, Littlefinger…), action-packed and clever. The one thing it doesn’t have enough of is surprise; I mean the kind that properly shocks, Red Wedding style.”

“One of this episode’s major strengths is in character development. Daenerys is not the impulsive queen of previous seasons; she’s a true ruler, choosing to trust strategy and diplomacy.” Thea Hartman

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Episode 3 – ‘The Queen’s Justice’ ????????????????

Credit: HBO

“It’s taken an amass of around 63 hours for Game of Thrones to reach tonight’s episode. The show’s been gradually interweaving its many plot threads for several seasons now, but ‘The Queen’s Justice’ finally brings together Game of Thrones‘ greatest players: Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.

“With brilliant writing, acting and directing all round, ‘The Queen’s Justice’ is the advancement in story and action that Season 7’s needed. With the meeting of Jon and Daenerys, the Song of Ice and Fire is finally being sung – so while its chorus is still to come, this is truly a momentous day for Game of Thrones fans.” James Barker

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Episode 4 – ‘The Spoils of War’ ????????????????????

Credit: HBO

“In an episode that’s padded out with political posturing and a longed-for reunion, the explosive third act comes as a flaming surprise that finally shows Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) as a force to be reckoned with.”

“‘For the first time ever, the show ended on a cliffhanger neither confirming nor denying Jaime’s demise, but a cryptic Tweet from the actor just might have. ‘Spoils of War’ is without doubt one of the most satisfying episodes to date.Laura Woodhouse

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Episode 5 – ‘Eastwatch’ ????????????????????

Credit: HBO

“It is a masterfully packed episode, but one that never feels overwhelming, and it has me very excited for what is left for us as we head into the season’s final two episodes.”

“I’ve not even touched on everything but by now I’m rambling hard. Seriously, just go watch ‘Eastwatch’, watch it again, and watch it a third time, just to absorb all the plot and admire the acting. With little to no action, we still have one of the most enthralling and engaging Thrones episode to date as there is simply so much going on” Sam Law

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Episode 6 – ‘Beyond the Wall’ ????????????????????

Credit: HBO

“With the longest Game of Thrones runtime to date at a just-short-of-feature-length 70 minutes, ‘Beyond the Wall’ feels incredibly cinematic and proves to be the most well-paced episode of Season 7 so far.”

“If Game of Thrones‘ end game has always been a great war of life versus death, ‘Beyond the Wall’ brings it one step closer. Winter has come and the enemy is real. As the White Walkers make their inevitable march south, there is a rising sense of the imminent end.Liam Beazley

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Episode 7 – ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’ ????????????????????

Credit: HBO

“To those criticising the show and brandishing it as a shell of its former self, I present to you exhibit a ‘The Dragon and The Wolf’, aka possibly Season 7’s best episode and a reminder to all of us as to what makes the show so great.”

“It’s been an odd season, but ‘The Dragon and The Wolf’ caps it off as it should; this is to the point, logical storytelling that works a treat. The end is coming and it’s never felt this epic.” David Mitchell-Baker

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Although we don’t know exactly when Game of Thrones will return, Season 8 will begin filming in October. However, with the HBO series only returning for six more episodes, our time in Westeros is drawing to a close.


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