On Edge: Anticipating Stranger Things Season 2


Stranger Things was one of the most interesting show of 2016. As the third-most watched show on Netflix last year, it received many great reviews and left the audience waiting for more. It was clear after eight episodes that it still had a lot more to offer. Although Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) was finally saved Season 1 finale, many questions were left answered. So what can we expect from Season 2?

After the disappearance of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), many were left wondered if the character would come back. Fortunately showrunner Matt Duffer said we will definitely hear more of her in the next season. Although it’s not confirmed when she’ll return, it seems that Episode 1 is a solid guess. It would be great if the season spent some time exploring her past. One possible explanation that’s been circling the internet is that she’s stuck in the Upside Down. However, while Eleven is perhaps physically trapped there, Will mentally seems to have never left the place. His visions don’t seem to be over and in the finale he was spitting slugs. All we know for sure is that Season 2 will provide some more horrors for us to feast on.

Everyone wanted Barb (Shannon Purser) to be alive or at least to be mentioned more in Season 1. However, Purser is disappointing not set to return in the new episodes. After the Season 1 finale, it’s Chief Hopper (David Harbour) that has my attention. He was seen entering an unidentified black car and hiding food in the woods. Is he giving it to Eleven? Does he have a darker secret that’s yet to be unveiled?

On a lighter note, everyone should keep their fingers crossed to see Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dryer) and Jonathan Byers’ (Charlie Heaton) relationship continue to blossom. Audiences were dying to see the two characters together after Season 1, so it would great to build on that. I hope we get a new fabulous scene from Winona Ryder too, the actress making a breathtaking appearance as the desperate mother Joyce Byers in the last season.


Creators Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer have assured us that the next season will be full of suspense. They even chose specific episode titles to avoid theories circulating the internet. Stranger Things will most certainly deliver a fascinating new series, it might be disappointing and not as great as the first series as viewers have created theories throughout this year. Yet, I believe it could be one of the best show of 2017.

Stranger Things Season 2 will be available on Netflix from October 27th. Check out the trailer below!


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