This Month on Netflix UK: December 2017


Ding dong merrily on high, on Netflix bells are ringing…

There’s no better month than December for curling up by the fire with a good binge-watch. Grab a bowl of celebrations, don your Santa hats and turn on the tree lights – here’s what’s coming to Netflix soon…

All Hail King Julien (Season 5)

Netflix Original Series

When? Friday 1st December

Credit: Dreamworks

What? Remember Madagascar? It was that animated movie about four animals stranded on the titular island. Netflix certainly remembers as they’re preparing to premiere Season 5 of the film series’ spin-off show. Julien (Sacha Baron Cohen) was one of the film’s more memorable characters, the lemur infamous for his cover of Reel 2 Real’s ‘I Like To Move It’, so it makes sense that he’d be awarded with a series. However, Cohen disappointingly does not resume the role, Danny Jacobs providing an acceptable impersonation in his place. It’s probably not aimed at cynical students, but there might be some fun to be had.

Who? Danny Jacobs (Phineas & Ferb, Ben 10), Henry Winkler (Happy Days, Parks & Recreation), Andy Richter (Late Night, Tonight Show).

Easy (Season 2)

Netflix Original Series

When? Friday 1st December


What? This comedy anthology series explores modern life and all the insanity that comes with it. Set in Chicago, each episode follows different characters as they navigate technology, sex and love, with an all-star cast rotating which included Orlando Bloom last year. This year’s run of episodes includes appearances from Parks & Recreation star Aubrey Plaza, Dave Franco and Jurassic World‘s Judy Greer. The show’s associated with ‘mumblecore’ filmmaking, a unique blend of low budget and improvised production.

Who? Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation, Ingrid Goes West), Dave Franco (21 Jump Street).

Doctor Who (Series 9)

When? Tuesday 5th December

Credit: BBC

What? Ahead of Jodie Whittaker’s highly anticipated introduction in this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, the BBC are kindly adding Series 9 to the eight series of New Who already residing on Netflix. In Peter Capaldi‘s second of three seasons as the Doctor, he faces the inevitable loss of his long-standing companion Clara (Jenna Coleman), while his homeworld Gallifrey is returning from the ashes of the Time War. Guest stars including ThronesMaisie Williams (a.k.a. Arya Stark) and the comedic genius of Michelle Gomez. Get back in the mood for Who this Christmas!

Who? Peter Capaldi (The Thick of It, The Musketeers), Jenna Coleman (Emmerdale, Victoria), Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones, iBoy).

The Crown (Season 2)

Netflix Original Series

When? Friday 8th December

Credit: Netflix

What? Netflix’s most royally received original series returns for its second series in December. Documenting the life of Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy), The Crown moves into the swinging ’60s, where her marriage to Prince Phillip (Matt Smith) comes under strain. Advance reviews have hailed Foy and Smith a triumph in their last year as the regal couple – Olivia Colman is due to be crowned with the titular headwear as the show moves into Elizabeth’s middle aged years starting with Season 3. But until then, drink up Foy’s incredible acting for ten more episodes with the Queen.

Who? Claire Foy (Crossbones, Wolf Hall), Matt Smith (Doctor Who, Terminator Genisys).

Secrets of Great British Castles (Series 2)

When? Saturday 9th December

Channel 5

What? Secrets of Great British Castles might not be the most exciting title, but little can compare to the intense action that can be found in this Channel 5 documentary series. Sorry, I can’t even say it with a straight face. If you’re not into medieval history, I think you’ll struggle to find much enjoyment here. However, if you’re interested in castles, this might be right up your alley. Series 2 is set to cover Wales’ Cardiff Castle, Kent’s Leeds Castle and West Sussex’s Arundel Castle. Who needs Stranger Things?

Who? Arundel Castle (The Young Victoria), Leeds Castle (Doctor Who, The Moonraker).

Upstart Crow

When? Wednesday 13th December


What? Written by Blackadder veteran Ben Elton, this underrated historical sitcom was made to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. If you’re familiar with Elton’s work, you won’t be surprised to learn that Upstart Crow is jam-packed with witty writing, famous comedians and devilish insults. Comedian David Mitchell takes centre stage as the esteemed 16th century playwright, the series following the writing and preparation of arguably his most famous play, Romeo and Juliet. To binge, or not to binge: that is the question!

Who? David Mitchell (Peep ShowBack), Harry Enfield (Bad Education), Liza Tarbuck (Mount Pleasant, Extras).


When? Monday 18th December


What? This British series put crime noir back in April 2016. Written by Swedish screenwriter Hans Rodenfelt (known for The Bridge), Marcella (Anna Friel) is a detective on the edge after her husband takes their children and leaves her. Investigating a spree of serial killings, she begins to experience blackouts, leaving her questioning her own nature and what she’s capable of. With an all-star cast including Game of Thrones‘ Harry Lloyd and Downton‘s Laura Carmichael. The show is due to return for a second series on ITV imminently, so catch up via Netflix now!

Who? Anna Friel (Brookside, Pushing Daisies), Nina Sosanya (W1A, Last Tango in Halifax).

Fuller House (Season 3, Part 2)

Netflix Original Series

When? Friday 22nd December


What? Didn’t I just write one of these things for Fuller House? It’s back… again. As a sequel to the classic 1990s sitcom Full House, this is another nostalgia-driven cash grab love letter. We left the Fuller House gang on a plane to Japan for Steve (Scott Weigner) and C.J.’s (Virginia Williams) wedding, but D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) is overwrought with her own feelings for Steve. The only question on my lips though is whether or not the plane’s left phalange is correctly installed! There’s another eight episodes on the way on December 22nd, so if you’ve been waiting on tenterhooks for the thrilling conclusion of Season 3, the wait is almost over!

Who? Candace Cameron Bure (Full House), Jodie Sweetin (Full House), Andrea Barber (Full House).

How To Get Away With Murder (Season 3)

When? Friday 29th December


What? The murder mystery that took America by storm when it started in 2014, How To Get Away With Murder (or HTGAWM, as it’s affectionally known) is now on its third season. Starring the incredible Viola Davis as law professor turned murderous conspirator, the show follows a group of teens who get caught up in a horrific murder as they turn their suspicions on each other. As we’ve reached its third run of episodes, there’s a whole new murder to solve – and though I won’t give it away, it’s one of the core characters who falls foul to the writer’s knife.

Who? Viola Davis (Fences, Suicide Squad), Alfred Enoch (Harry Potter, Troy)


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