Recap: Love Island Week Two


Love Island week 2 has proven just why there should only be one season of Love Island a year. After a lacklustre week one hopes were things would hit the fan, but sadly it seemed awfully tame and no drama. The drama that did occur seemed pointless, but also was not interesting as its not like theres a strong connection to the individuals in the villa. In previous seasons you find yourself supporting and rooting for individuals in the show like Amber and Ovie, but this season is quite the opposite. There does not seem to be any individuals that make the show not worth watching, except maybe for the underdog Nas and even he does not have the same appeal as previous contestants.

The start of week two saw the aftermath of the first recoupling of the series which saw Connaugh with a G ‘steal’ Sophie from Connor with the teeth, there were hopes for some drama and saucy arguments. Instead, Connor decided to deal with the issue maturely ruining the whole premise of the show. It did, however, lead to a few of the girls questioning Mike as he gave Connaugh a talk for the way he dealt with the recoupling, this again didn’t lead to the same outrageous arguments of previous seasons and lasted for a total of 10 seconds.

The great strip challenge arrived at just the right time and actually gave us the drama we had all been DYING for. New girl Rebecca was introduced, she was dressed as a ‘sexy’ goddess and danced for the guys raising the heartbeat of Connor and Callum. The guys whose heart rate was raised the most by Rebecca immediately went on a date with her, this caused Shaughna to lose the plot as her ‘man’ Callum was again being ‘grafted’. Callum, however, only had eyes for Shaughna and broke it to Rebecca in a speech (written by Shaughna) that he is not interested, despite calling her ‘beautiful’ every few seconds on the date.

As the drama of Rebecca dwindled love island decided to introduce two new boys, Luke M and Luke T. The boys did shake the house a little as Sophie became complimenting them both to Connor, this gave us a bit of quality TV as we saw a very insecure man blow up over a woman, he had interested in calling the boys attractive. Connor walked away and was angered as Sophie did not understand how sensitive he is towards her complimenting men after their dispute of last week. This argument itself showed the double standards in the house in regards to what is considered ‘banter’ for men and women.

Friday night saw the second recoupling where the girls picked the guys, this gave us the biggest shock factor that made even I gag. Rebecca chose Luke T over Connaugh despite just kissing him the night before, this left the episode on a cliff hanger and ready for drama. We pray it doesn’t disappoint. Rebecca though she may not be the most likable she is a great asset to the villa as she truly understands how to bring captivating reality TV.

After the recoupling the couples go as follows:
Shaughna and Callum
Rebecca and Luke T
Siannese and Nas – who are in a friendship couple.
Leanne and Mike
Sophie and Connor
Jess and Luke M
Paige and Finn

The aftermath of the recoupling is a something we are keen to watch this Sunday and to cause even more drama the public are voting for their favourite couple to stay in the villa.

Love Island is available to catch up on ITV Hub now. 



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