Recap: Love Island (Week 4)


After weeks of wishing for Love Island to finally have drama this week sure delivered with the iconic Casa Amor which saw 12 new bomshells enter the villa as the boys and girls were spilt to test their relationships and see if they “could be happier”. Only a few couples passed this test, proving they were ‘loyal’, Paige and Finn, and Siannese and Luke T – who are the only two couples to have survived Casa Amor.

The main drama of this week was watching Callum – who has been with Shaughna since the beginning – move on from Shaughna to new girl Molly. He said he was not ‘attracted’ to Shaughna the same way he is with Molly. Shaughna stayed loyal to Callum during his time at Casa Amor despite her doubts, when he entered the main villa in a couple with Molly, Shaughna was distraught. However, she embodied girl power and kept her cool as she iconically proclaimed “never trust a scaffolder”. Though Callum proved he was not the man for her, Paige proved how good of a mate she is to Shaughna as she consoled her instead of catching up with man, Finn. Fears have risen that Shaughna could leave the villa due to this heartbreak which would truly be a lost as she is one of the most honest person in the show.

Demi was also the other islander to be left single after Casa Amor as she stayed true to Nas, while Nas walked in with new girl Eva. Demi showed how much of a lovely person she is as she was never bad at Eva and actually wished Nas and Eva luck. There wasn’t just bad luck for the girls as both Jess and Rebecca met their new boys. Jess coupled up with Ched – a man who is basically Mike on steroids while Rebecca finally met a man she did not pie off after a day in Jordan, both of these respective couples seem to be doing well at the moment. Though I expect there to be trouble in paradise for Jess and Ched.

4 out of 6 of the guys decided to recouple, Mike recited the same lines he had used on Leanne and Jess to Priscilla which eventually won her over. They do seem like a sweet genuine couple, though it is hard to believe Mike when he lays it on factor 100 with every female in the villa. Luke M on the other hand coupled up with Natalia, a woman that the public do not trust as sneak peak into Sunday night’s episode shows Natalia questioning her feelings for Luke. She proclaims there is no sexual chemistry, giving the impression she was with him just to enter the main villa.

This week brings more drama as sneak peek shows Shaughna having a go at Callum for being a “liar” and for using her. Casa Amor sure shook things up and this week will show the aftermath of such a switch up.

New couples go as follows:

  • Paige and Finn
  • Siannese and Luke T
  • Jess and Ched
  • Rebecca and Jordan
  • Natalia and Luke M
  • Molly and Callum
  • Eva and Nas
  • Priscilla and Mike

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