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I am mildly disappointed that RuPaul decided to use the final maxi challenge as a way to promote his Vegas Show.

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The worst final maxi-challenge in RuPaul herstory? I think so. This week’s episode was an advertisement for a Vegas show we cannot even attend, and I can place my bets if it weren’t for the current pandemic this Vegas show would have gone global. Though, the partial love for RuPaul’s Drag Race is with its shameless promo of everything RuPaul, but to do it for the final maxi challenge just feels so wrong. Despite the rather questionable challenge, this year’s top set of queens has been the strongest we have seen in previous years with all the queens embodying a completely different style of drag. This episode not only determined our top three, it showcased the various styles of drag that have not been displayed on international television.

As expected the mini challenge was Vegas showgirl inspired as the queens were expected to create a Vegas headdress inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race Live. It was an entertaining challenge which saw Jaida Essence Hall demonstrate her brand of confusion. The maxi challenge saw the queens sing over RuPaul Drag Race Las Vegas Live Medley featuring “power ballads, showstopping moments and a big finale” which the queens then had the opportunity to rap their own verse over the track Losing is the New Winning. The whole track was sung and performed by them and was very musically inspired, however considering half of the queens couldn’t sing it was a very strange listen and inspiring. Just a mix of emotions I can’t really understand.

The Rusical number began with the queens all wearing their entrance looks from the beginning of the series to show how far their drag has come throughout the show. It was very inspired by the cliché story of small-town girl who goes to Hollywood to see her dreams come true. then there’s a power ballad where they doubt themselves into a high energy dance number where they show they still “that bitch”. The power ballad number was shocking, I never knew Jackie Cox and Gigi Goode could sing so beautifully, and Jackie’s pure emotion almost had me crying. Crystal Methyd and Jaida were not as amazing singers; however, I think I cried a little when Jaida sang “the most powerful thing you can do, is become the image of your own imagination”. What can I say, I am a sucker for musical theatre.

After this very emotional power ballad, it goes straight into a club dance anthem and when it got down it got us at home screaming “YAASS QUEEN”. It started like every amazing 80s track, and to top it all of Jackie looked like disco Cher and with her amazing comical lyrics it went down a treat. Crystal wore an orange and green 70s inspired look which was shockingly beautiful yet the strangest thing I have ever laid my eyes on. Her performance in this challenge was breath-taking like always, despite not being able to sing she stole the show with her weird and quirky self.

Gigi came out looking like a 2000s supermodel and we were living for it as she rapped about overcoming her fears to attempt to win the show. She was on fire during this challenge, she is the full package. Jaida served 90s showgirl realness as she wore a sparkling bodysuit, she was a goddess everything and so fun to watch, she is the literal definition of perfection. She knows who she is and brings it every challenge.

The category this week was Eleganza Extravaganza and they all served beautiful looks. Crystal dressed the love child of a genie and a smurf, she transformed into something totally different. Crystal’s perspective of drag is totally unique and not many queens could pull it off. She is one of a kind and has shown the biggest improvement in the show. Gigi showed everything that she is fashion, camp and heart as she dressed as a nerdy girl at an 80s school dance. She wore headgear which made the look totally unique, it was gorgeous and quirky as she merged humour with glamour.

Jackie served girl next door in her beautiful whimsical dress, it was huge and puffy and is a style that has failed many times on the RuPaul stage, but she wore it stunningly. Jackie is an amazing queen as she wears her heritage on her sleeve, and it makes her a queen that many people can relate to. Jaida was gorgeous and opulent in her glamour girl inspired gown, the big hair was amazing and was very Diana Ross inspired. She is an amazing queen, who is finally getting the recognition she deserves in this competition.

No one was terrible in this week’s challenge, so it was incredibly shocking when RuPaul decided to have two people in the bottom instead of having all the queens lip-sync. Gigi won the challenge meaning she is now winning for the highest number of wins in the competition. Crystal and Jackie were in the bottom two which was purely based on track record as they performed amazingly in this week’s challenge and did not deserve to be in the bottom. The queens lip-synced to On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull. Crystal began doing her exotic dancer moves on the floor and stole the show whilst Jackie tried serving sex. The person to make it to the top 4 was obvious even before the lip-sync started. Crystal was saved and now we have our top four, minus Sherry Pie because she has been disqualified.

Are you #TeamJaida #TeamGigi or #TeamCrystal?

RuPaul’s Drag Race Series 12 is available now on Netflix, with new episodes weekly.


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