Closer To The Edge: Our Favourite Rick and Morty Episodes


Four series of the adventures following unlikely pair Rick and Morty are coming to an end; in Mary 2020 the final episodes of the show’s final series will air, no doubt with some schwifty adventures still be had. Writers from The Edge look back on the show, and pick their favourite episodes.

‘Total Rickall’ – Series 2, Episode 4

The fourth episode of the second season, ‘Total Rickall’ is pure, unadulterated Rick and Morty goodness. With the premise that the Smith home has been invaded by alien parasites that implant fake memories into the family’s brains, making them question what is and isn’t real, ‘Total Rickall’ has plenty of fun playing with audience expectations. It introduces and swiftly dispatches a whole host of absurd characters, including the British butler Mr. Beauregard and Pencilvester, in a glorious sequence of cartoon action. As usual, Jerry is most emotionally affected by the violent bonanza as his affair with the pyjama-loving Sleepy Gary is exposed as a lie. Again, Jerry’s feebleness is a top source of comedy. Elsewhere, there’s a cracking final twist when it is revealed that Mr. Poopybutthole, seemingly a prime candidate to be one of the parasites, is actually real – and Beth messes everything else up assuming otherwise. Poopybutthole has become a surprise recurring character in the show, and a fan favourite. ‘Total Rickall’ does everything that Rick and Morty does best: sharp, inventive sci-fi plotting with a ridiculously silly but effective sense of humour.

– Joe Williams

‘The Ricklantis Mixup’ – Series 3, Episode 7

‘The Ricklantis Mixup’ is the pinnacle of Season 3, and possibly one of the greatest episodes of not just the season, but ever. With the title of the episode being a massive red herring, the premise is not of an undersea adventure, it is instead a return to the citadel (a government-controlled by various different Ricks and Mortys). It follows multiple different yet loosely connected stories, including the rise of Evil Morty to political power, a cop Rick with a corrupt Morty partner and an interpretation of the 80s classic film Stand By Me. It may not directly follow the protagonists but really builds a multiverse of backstory to the society they live in.

– Jack Nash

Rick and Morty Series 4 Part 2 will air E4 in May 2020


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