Hidden Gem: Derry Girls


Channel 4 shows are almost always entertaining to watch, but Derry Girls stands out particularly as being one that is not given the attention it deserves.

Set in 1990s Derry (unsurprisingly!), the sitcom showcases the lives of 5 students navigating through their teenage years, and their experiences with their families, school and friends. The relationship these characters have are relatable, as well as hilarious, and within a couple of episodes it’s almost impossible to not fall completely in love with each and every one of their story lines.

In fact, the acting in Derry Girls is just so flawless that it’s hard to imagine each actor existing outside their roles in the show. I refuse to believe that the Nicola Coughlan I follow on Twitter is the same person as the innocent Clare Devlin from Derry.

The show, as well as being filled with humorous moments that’ll undoubtedly stay with you, deals with religion, a “wee lesbian”, and teenage troubles. A polar bear also make an appearance in one episode – what’s not to love?

It’s surprising that Derry Girls doesn’t get the same attention as shows like Friday Night Dinner. The teenagers in Derry are, if anything, more lovable than the characters in Friday Night Dinner, and there are just as many classic moments. If it’s not Orla’s classic day-dream-like personality, it’ll be the girls’ hysterical comments about James’ Englishness that will make you fall in love with this show. In fact, their Irishness is a big part of why this show is so loveable.

Derry Girls is available to watch via All 4. 


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