The World At Your Finger-Tips: Interviews For The Curious


How much can you learn about someone over a drink?

This is the question asked by The World At Your Finger-Tips podcast hosts Kate Briggs-Price and Molly Blumsom as they navigate “our globalised world” through interviews with a range of individuals. Exploring a variety of topics that cover political, social and creative ideas, Blumsom and Briggs-Price approach subjects such as BAME in Britain, the history of immigration and even the representation of true crime in media. It’s my personal favourite type of podcast; one that celebrates and gathers different perspectives, and has its sights set on educating and discussing. The show is also light and often funny, which makes it all the more digestible.

What’s most enjoyable about the podcast is that the hosts quite rightly recognise the importance of dialogue and conversation. It’s clear from the concept of the podcast and the episodes’ respective run-times that substantive discourse is key to The World At Your Finger-Tips, and even clearer upon listening that its pair of creators are interested in their guests and willing to open up discussion to tackle topics head-on. The platforming of typically less explored (unfortunately) subjects such as epilepsy, combined with conversations about things as universal as “modern creativity”, make for a varied and investigative listen.

Though this podcast is just a couple of months old, it already has a clear identity and aims to explore a wide spread of topics. The interviews are well-chosen and the subjects interesting — I really like its approach to collecting and going into information, especially with interviews as a crux. This is one to take a look at to improve or exercise your understanding of the world around us, and perfect for anyone who’s naturally curious. Check it out!

The World At Your Finger-Tips is available to listen to via Apple Podcasts, among other places. You can see an example clip from their Twitter below.


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