Hoping for a Return of Theatre 2021


In hopes of normalcy being restored in the upcoming year, a more permanent return of theatre and musical theatre is hopefully on the cards, some of our writers have written up their favourite shows they can’t wait to see once stage returns.


Hairspray: The Musical will be hitting the stages across the UK this year. For those who have seen the movie and have fallen in love, then the musical is the perfect place for your Hairspray obsession to go. The stage musical includes musical numbers that were cut from the 2007 film version, such as ‘Mama, I’m a Big Girl Now’. The stage production also provides a better and more in-depth understanding of the other characters of the show like Prudy, Penny, Velma and Amber. In the movie, Tracey is the main focus however the musical allows the audience to be introduced to the characters we never truly get to meet. Alongside, new songs, you can hear absolute bangers like ‘I Can Hear the Bells’ and ‘Good Morning Baltimore’. 2020 was meant to be its year, but due to the pandemic, 2021 is the year of opportunity. For those musical enthusiasts or just want to do something, Hairspray: The Musical is the show for you.

-Morgan Mcmillan


Before what has to be classed as one of the weirdest years of our lives, many of us would put off plans without giving them a second thought. However, now that we all know not to take normality for granted, one plan I am itching to complete is finally going to see Chicago in theatre. For lovers of all things razzle dazzle, this musical tracking the famous murdereress’ of the Cook County Jail will give you camp, pizzazz, and jaw-dropping dance numbers; all the ingredients for an unforgettable musical. Roxie Hart is endearing in her false-stupidity, Velma Kelly is intimidating, but in the good way, Billy Flynn is a slimy yet comedic, and Mama will put you in your place. Not to forget the other murderess’, who will leave you speechless after witnessing the ‘Cell Block Tango’ – one of the moments I am anticipating most about seeing Chicago in theatre. It’s a set of characters that will entice you, make you laugh, perhaps cry (particularly Amos, Roxie’s dimwitted husband), and ultimately fall in love with.

-Maddie Lock

The Prince of Egypt

2020 was to be the year in which I would finally catch up on shows and musicals which I had missed in time gone by, and like everyone else those plans were dashed. The biggest one that I am eagerly awaiting my opportunity to see is The Prince of Egypt.

While the stage version has been around since 2017, this is the first time it’s been performed in the UK. The Prince of Egypt made it’s West End debut in 2020 on February 25th at the Dominion Theatre. The original run was supposed to be 39 weeks, but thanks to the pandemic it came to an abrupt finish.

Cast released the official recording back in April, ironically on the same day I was originally meant to see the show, but it’s not the same. Seeing the story unfold in person is something else entirely from watching a recording or listening to the voices. With each live delivery of a line or a song completely different from the next, seeing a show happen mere feet in front of you is a magical, almost unique experience every time. It’s one of those small things which I miss about theatre, and I hope one day soon we’ll be able to go and see this magnificent performance.

-Louise Chase 


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