The Edge’s Podcast Picks: February 2021

Though we’re only a little way into 2021, it’s shaping up to be another year defined by the entertainment we consume. Edge writers gathered to compile podcasts recently on the go; here are a few recommendations from last month.
39 Ways to Save the Planet

39 Ways to Save the Planet is one of the BBC’s newest podcasts, shining a light on innovative ways people around the globe are combatting the climate crisis.  Its aim is essentially to give us some hope about the planet’s situation by proving that there’s plenty of action taking place to protect ecosystems and biodiversity, it’s just not often shouted about on the news.

I’m already interested in environmentalism and tackling climate change, but I think this is a great source of interesting information for anyone – the topics covered are fascinating (from sustainable building materials to girls’ education to environmental law) and the 15-minute length makes them super digestible and perfect for listening to on-the-go or during study breaks.

– Kate Byng-Hall

The Athletic NBA Show

As said in the shows name, this podcast is dedicated to all things NBA, from news to analysis, and provides information across the NBA association. It is incredibly interesting and provides a new insight into the game, whilst learning about current league standings and trades throughout the game. You are also able to view the game through the eyes of analysts, reporters and sports writers. They also occasionally have guests appear on the show, such as former front office staff, who provide an even deeper understanding of the game. It is fantastic especially for those who enjoy basketball for more than just watching their favourite team, and for everything that basketball represents. A new show is released daily Monday through to Friday, so you never miss out on the latest news.

The best part about the entire show is the way the podcasters discuss events. For example, the most recent show (whilst writing this article) discusses the James Harden trade to Brooklyn Nets and whether this was a smart decision made upon the Nets office. Whilst discussing this, a former Philadelphia 76ers and Portland Trail Blazers executive Ben Falk gives background information on the thought process behind this move. It also tells you things to watch out for whilst watching the NBA. The Athletic NBA isn’t a podcast for everyone but for those who want a deeper understanding of the NBA and basketball in itself, I would highly recommend a listen.

– Morgan McMillan

Wong Notes

Accompanying my state-permitted daily exercise in lockdown 3.0 is the recent podcast from rhythm-guitar revelation Cory Wong, who’s most notable for touring with funk outfit Vulfpeck. Kicking off in May of 2020, and opening with Joe Satriani (needless to say, a high bar), the show’s episodes see Cory pick the brains of legions of significant musicians, including indelible players like John Scofield, George Benson and Steve Jordan.

Typically clocking in at around 50 minutes, Wong asks questions great for fans and musicians. There’s particular emphasis on gear, playing technique and the creative process, and Cory’s clear enthusiasm and perspective as a musician gives these subjects a boost. The podcast has also introduced me to a few new faces, such as Molly Tuttle and Jake Shimabukuro, and given me a newfound appreciation for players I hadn’t previously considered, particularly the very likeable Rob Harris of Jamiroquai. This selection of guests is one of Wong Notes‘ best aspects; I would encourage any fan or player to dip into it.

– Harry Geeves

JaackMaate’s Happy Hour

If you’re a watcher of YouTube it’s likely you know JaackMaate, most famous for his commentary videos. However, now he works mostly on his podcast, titled Happy Hour, which he hosts with Stevie White. Starting in November 2018, with a focus on YouTube drama, this podcast has transformed a lot over the past few years. Now, Jack and Stevie have moved away from the business of YouTube and interviewed a wide range of individuals, from YouTubers like Callux to worldwide popstars like Liam Payne.

Although the podcast is taking a break at the minute due to personal issues and the result of the UK lockdown, there are hundreds of episodes to listen to from over the years. After doing the ’12 Pods of Christmas’ over December, there are many different guests available to catch up on this month.

– Georgie Holmes


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