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Eighteen months into lockdown the nostalgia for a good holiday hit me hard. 2019 had been a busy year for me with events from film screenings to EGX and more planned – though not executed – in the following year. I needed something vibrant, that would help lift my spirits as much as help me learn something new. Podcasts have always been excellent for that; and what better timing than for Tipsy Tourism to premiere around the same time!

Harrods (above) is one of the first locations Chelsea and James visit on their alcohol-infused adventures round the British Isles. Credit: STVIOD via pixabay

Hosted by Chelsea (aka “Cheap Holiday Expert” on Youtube) and her boyfriend James, the duo head on a weekly adventure (chosen by Chelsea) with their drink (chosen from James’ drinks trolly). Most of their locations are in the UK, from a Sunday trip to the Postal Museum or Portmerion, but they also have a few episodes recorded abroad. There are even recommendations of things to do if you’re self-isolating, introducing me to the world of some rather interesting virtual tours.

But that seems rather plain and simple, right? Well, in each of these episodes, Chelsea and James almost compete to find some interesting facts about their destinations – which can be the historical, or the fantastically obscure. You’ll never forget about the hidden walkway beneath Harrods, or Portmerion’s dog cemetery now will you? I for one am taking my first opportunity to visit the Postal Museum and the ride of the mail trains.

Chelsea (above) also runs the website and a Youtube channel with over 13.2k Subscribers. Credit:

It’s one of the most enjoyable podcasts I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to; with laughs and good-natured ribbing as they explore, it feels almost like a student outing without the student aspect – the humour and sometimes off the wall twists and turns remind me of many a night out with flatmates.

And who doesn’t love a bargain? As with her full-time job, Chelsea also produces tips and tricks to get the cheapest deal at some of these events, recommending sites and discounts to take full advantage of! And which student doesn’t like to save money? At the close of each episode, they rate the location out of 10, sharing their favourite moment and finding one thing they would like to see improved. At the end of series one, Chelsea and James ranked their visits – and unsurprisingly the Marble Arch Mound was at the bottom.

For roughly 45 minutes every week, these two fun-loving agents of chaos take you on a new adventure. They even post some bonus photos and videos on their Instagram page, from interesting selfies to amusing shots relating to the facts from that week. Needless to say, my wanderlust has been satiated for the time being, and the list of destinations and experiences I want to complete has grown – and continues to be added to every week.

New episodes of Tipsy Tourism are released every Wednesday on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more. Listen to the trailer below: 


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