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Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to listen to music, or watch Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime or whatever other media outlet we are all too familiar with these days. Sometimes you want something that feels a little more personal. Podcasts are a great way of getting just that. Often they can feel like listening to, and being a part of, a regular conversation. Thus, the engagement between the content creators and audience has a unique dynamic which for many has been able to develop over time. If you’re looking for some new podcasts to delve into, here are the Edge’s top picks for 2022!

Help I Sexted My Boss

Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube and Google Podcasts

You’ve just arrived home from work. You’re exhausted. You set down your bag, take off your shoes, and go to see how your roommate is doing. You open his door. He is penetrating a watermelon.  Now what do you do? 

This is just one of the many dilemmas covered in the comedy/agony aunt podcast, Help I Sexted My Boss. With a weekly gin and dubonnet or two, Jordan ‘Happy Place, happy Place, Turf Moor’ North is joined by unlikely best friend and etiquette expert, William Hanson, to offer advice to their ‘G and Divas’ (a.k.a listeners), spanning issues such as breaking up with your personal trainer, to exorcising the gay ghost that haunts your bedroom! The boys are currently broadcasting series infinity, which is a testament to the comedic joy this podcast brings. So if you enjoy terrible impressions, a wacky word of the week, and passive aggressive friendships, this podcast is for you!

By Amy Scott-Munden

The Review of Death

Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube

The Review of Death is a charming podcast focusing on the quirky but enduring sci-fi show Doctor Who. I describe it to my Dad as ‘those two lads from Bristol who talk about Doctor Who’ because, essentially, that is it. The podcast launched in August 2021 as a somewhat re-launch of their previous review format on YouTube; aside from the studio and higher audio quality, it’s the same shtick. The hosts, Matt and Billy, discuss modern Doctor Who episodes and news alongside the wealth of history that the program possesses. They inevitably fall into tangents but that just adds a personal element to their thoughts on the franchise. They are Doctor Who fans and best friends – two things that make the podcast fun to listen to.

The Review of Death episodes are also available on Matt’s YouTube channel – Batmanmarch – where YouTube reviews with Billy began in 2014. Doctor Who had celebrated its 50th anniversary the year before so the pair reviewed the ‘Best of 50 Years’ poll and were mortified to discover the top spots were occupied by modern escapades starring David Tennant. Matt and Billy are somewhat unique fans; they grew up with the show as children of the ‘90s when it was off air. This makes for interesting perspectives on the podcast as they disagree with each other at times – Billy loving Jodie Whittaker’s era and Matt remaining skeptical – and provide passionate analysis of the show in its entirety.

The podcast runs fortnightly; each episode focusing on different stories with the addition of Who-themed topical discussions and the aforementioned tangents. I have been watching the Review of Death videos for years, so the podcast has been a very welcome addition to my Spotify and has made me realize I’m a bigger Whovian than I thought.

By Susanna Robertson-Sheath

The HoneyDew with Ryan Sickler

Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

If you’re looking for a podcast that features incredibly witty people having mature conversations where they highlight and laugh at the low points of life and invite you to laugh along with them, the HoneyDew with Ryan Sickler is the choice for you!

Inspired by the host Ryan Sickler’s own adverse upbringing, this podcast invites each guest to tell their own personal tragedy ranging from tales of childhood trauma to stories of their career lows, but there’s a twist. Each episode’s story is told by dynamic guest stars such as Joey ‘Coco’ Diaz, Bert Kreischer, and Sal Vulcano of ‘Impractical Jokers’ fame, who all divulge their deepest secrets and personal tragedies whilst laughing along with the host and oftentimes even the crew. Sickler himself is a fantastic host who is empathetic and hilariously witty; clever enough to spin a joke that has the whole room’s ribs ticking but also considerate of his guests when they need the room to breathe and to express their stories.

The HoneyDew is a fantastic podcast that balances witty banter with personal tragedy in an inspiring way that allows the audience to reflect on the misery of their own lives and how we can try to make the most of our own misery rather than wallow in it. For anyone who has ever used humour to talk about their own trauma, I highly recommend this podcast.

By Laura Carpenter

Ellie Griffiths’ Top 3 Podcasts of 2022

Having spent the past year living on public transport, it was inevitable that the ever-repeating classics in my music playlist would become tiresome, leaving a thirst for a more sustainable and informative form of entertainment. While the number of original podcasts are on the rise, they have to be of a certain nature for me to truly become hooked on the ideal that I am listening to. Personally, I think those that provide either humorous or insightful insights are best.

My top three of 2022:

The Diary Of a CEO with Steven Bartlett is a classic example of a podcast that intertwines both of these qualities, creating a deeply intelligent and well-balanced podcast for listeners of all ages. Having started from nothing, Bartlett has been able to grow within the business world, while remaining humble in discourse, which enables him to positively gain rapport with his guests and leads to some thoughtful and decisive answers from well-known personalities such as Roman Kemp and Matt Hancock – just two of the numerous episodes of his that I have enjoyed this year.

I have also recently gotten into a podcast called Pitstop – available to watch on YouTube, and listen to, on platforms such as Spotify – which discusses all things Formula One, ranging from talking to personnel within the teams and dissecting the latest gossip within the sport. Hosted by two good friends, it provides an informal space for fans to get together and relish or scorn at what is highlighted within each episode, which are amusing and chatty in nature.

Finally, having originally started his social media career on YouTube, JaackMaate’s Happy Hour offers a space for celebrities to have an informal chat about all things ranging, famously, from their favourite meal deal to the meaning of life, often shedding light on a never-before-seen side to your favourite celebrity. An episode starring Rob Brydon, who discussed his role in shows Gavin and Stacey and Would I Lie To You? amongst many other funny and insightful sub-topics and anecdotes shared, particularly stuck with me this year and as such is one that I recommend you take a listen to!

By Ellie Griffiths


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