A Normal Night with The Addams Family: Showstoppers Review

Terrifyingly Terrific

A tantalising and terrifying take on The Addams Family! Showstoppers have done an incredible job on bringing the Addams family to life on stage.

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Love, violence and song: a family dinner with The Addams Family is just what you need to escape those winter blues.

As performed by university society Showstoppers, Wednesday Addams hosts a dinner for her family to meet her ‘normal’ boyfriend and his parents. That may work for other households, but we all know there’s a few skeletons in the closet when it comes to The Addams Family. What could possibly go wrong?

Showstoppers did an amazing job at bringing this infamous family to life. The audience were laughing with and at them from the get go for all the right reasons, making for a fun-filled show of mischief and mayhem.

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Tom Rolph and Millie Edwards did an incredible job of bringing the sizzling romance of Gomez and Morticia Addams to life throughout the show. He may have been ‘trapped like a cuckoo clock’ but the two filled the roles effortlessly with impressive vocals throughout. Similarly their new in-laws the Beineke’s, as played by Emily Young and James Warner, portrayed a heart-warming journey of rekindling passion, albeit finding love in an unlikely place.

The show even featured their own matchmaker; Uncle Fester as played by Tom O’Brien. A role that I had assumed would be hard to fill due to this character’s quirky ways, O’Brien’s performance was quite literally out of this world. With unmatched energy and charisma, all I’ll say is, cupid better watch out.

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The ‘living, dead and undecided’ as made up by the Addams ancestors really helped bring the piece to life through dance and thoughtful costumes, each clearly telling a story of

who their character had been in a past life. As too did the band who helped this show flow right from the start, kicking it off with none other than the infamous theme tune to get you in the mood. This show was a testament to the many skilled individuals that came together to create it.

Finally, I could not end this review without a mention for Lurch, probably the only one in the room able to keep a straight face throughout the performance. How actor Josh Smart did not even crack a smile I don’t know, but what he lacked in facial expressions was made up for in audience laughs.

It’s impossible to mention all of the amazing actors by name, but I wanted to end this review by saying that the commitment, talent and love for what they do came through from everyone both on stage and behind the scenes. You gave the audience an amazing show and left us wanting more.

With incredible vocals, witty jokes and a few torture devices on hand, this show is a must see.



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