Euphoria Effect : 90’s Vibes, Graphic Lines and Gems A Plenty!


2022 seriously brought creativity back into the makeup scene. Personally, I believe the TV Show Euphoria really added to this! From editorial shapes, graphic lines and the rise of ‘festival’ makeup; this year certainly inspired makeup artists, influencers and regular people alike to delve into the world of makeup as creative expression.

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The incredible makeup artist of Euphoria, Donni Davy, certainly became a household name in 2022; her use of gems blowing up on social media; in fact, I’m sure you have seen the countless TikTok’s with ‘Labrinth’ in the background showing off their ‘Euphoria makeup!’ The iconic graphic liner was also a massive staple of her work, from Maddie’s ‘sharp enough to kill’ liner to experimental shapes when conveying Jules’ gender identity and journey.

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It did not stop here, however, with editorial eyeliner making its comeback in Paris Fashion Week, from Dior’s 60’s inspired graphic looks and Dries Van Noten’s bold, colourful smoky eyes. This took social media by storm, the makeup artist and influencer @aoifeartist’s fantastic looks being the epitome of editorial cross wearable.

Perhaps, the release of Euphoria S2 and the backlash of the pandemic plunged us into the world of fun, bold, creative expression when entering society again. Euphoria largely finds itself based in art mise en scene wise – it is about self- expression, about telling a story through makeup, and finding the art in beauty again. In response to previous years’ highly polished, neutral Instagram makeup, this new world order of makeup is nothing short of beautiful as well as refreshing. With festivals and raving fully being open and accessible attend again, it is no surprise we saw the carryover onto the party scene. From neon lines, and subtle gems, this new way of makeup really followed us in all aspects of life in 2022!

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As such, I think it is important to mention all of the effects Euphoria had on our culture as well as these new foundations of makeup artistry. Alexa Demie, who plays Maddy in Euphoria, has captivated hearts with her iconic beauty and undeniable 90’s vibes. With the rise of y2k, introducing contrasting textures and experimental colour back to the mainstream arts of beauty and fashion, its only natural this form of artistry in everyday makeup would become incredibly popular. It seems that a lot of iconic time periods have found a new appreciation from Twiggy-style eye looks in the 60’s, 90’s off-model vibes and the early 2000’s fashion and experimental aesthetics.

I think, then, we have Euphoria to thank largely for the incredible graphic liners, beautifully subtle glitter and gems, as well as the re-emergence of makeup artistry as a meaningful art-form on TV, High Fashion, Social Media and day-to-day life.


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