Review: A League of Their Own: European Road Trip Special (Episode Two)


Another humdinger of an episode - you are bound to be in tears at the end!

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Thursday night brought us another hysterical instalment of A League of Their Own: European Road Trip. Fresh off their fantastic debut at Le Lido, Freddie, Jamie, KP and Alan jumped back in the car to make their way to their next challenge. Now what did James have in store for them next?

As it turns out, James had arranged for the boys to try their hand at race car driving – with electric cars. To start off with, the boys each drove an electric Tesla car, accompanied by a couple of pros, before they all took the wheel of electric race cars. As their misadventures behind the wheels unfolded, it became staggeringly clear that Jamie was terrified and Alan didn’t quite understand the concept of race car driving as suggested by his constant use of the indicators and brakes. I shouldn’t think the car reached over 30 mph with him in control! Nevertheless the results were hilarious. The competition element of this challenge required the boys to all race around the track, with the fastest two getting the chance to race on the streets of Paris, and the slowest two getting to… wash the cars. Unsurprisingly, Alan scooped up last place, with Jamie joining him as his partner in crime with the sponges and soap. As for KP and Fred, it can easily be said that their usual competition in cricket fuelled their rivalries in these challenges, but whilst KP came out on top in the challenge, it was Fred who ultimately won the race on the beautiful Parisian streets.

Next, the boys said au revoir to their first set of companions before journeying on to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, where none other than world heavy weight champion Anthony Joshua, and up-and-coming comedian, Tom Davies, were awaiting their arrival. In a truly entertaining twist, James had sorted it so the team captains had to abseil off the top of the Euromast, with the journey being over 100 metres down. The aim? Simple. Whoever got to the bottom first, got to pick their team mate for their next challenge: a game of darts. The funny part? Jamie Redknapp is known for being, well, a bit of a wuss when it comes to all things adventure. He wasn’t keen on the sailing, he didn’t feel the need for speed in the race car and he most certainly hates heights, as often seen on the show. Well, you guessed it, he was in a state of panic. Whipping out comments like “I know this is a comedy show but I’m not laughing mate” it was a hoot to watch him descend down, against the fearless Freddie. Later claiming he was “just acting”, Jamie attempted to brush off his humiliation, just to make himself feel better. As it transpired, Flintoff won and so chose Tom, leaving AJ less than impressed with his partner, ‘jumpy’ Jamie.

In the end, the teams seemed quite well-matched, and after a day of training down the pub, the boys were ready to take to the arena. So who scored the highest? Who sustained a potentially life-threatening hand injury? And who ended up sulking in the corner? Again, you’re gonna have to watch to find out, but I assure you, if you thought the last episode was good, well, this one is even better. My stomach ached from all the laughing, and I’m pretty sure some tears were shed as the boys undertook the next leg of their roadtrip.

Excitingly, next week’s preview shows a female celebrity joining the line up, making this show perhaps a little more versatile, and appealing to a wider audience. However, other than that, I can barely see a fault. As long as you’re laughing and enjoying yourself, what’s the big deal right?

A League of Their Own: European Road Trip is available to watch on Sky One, on Thursday nights.


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