How to Fix: Grey’s Anatomy


Fact: there is no greater Grey’s Anatomy fan out there than me. I have watched all 15 seasons, about 4 times. At one time, I was number 1 for Grey’s Anatomy trivia in the United Kingdom. In fact, I am convinced if push came to shove I could perform an open heart surgery, start to finish. I mean, I love this show. So, if even I can admit something needs to change, than they really must be in a sticky situation.

Grey’s Anatomy is a popular US medical drama following the lives of the doctors and patients at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The TV show is currently in its 15th season, having graced our screens since 2005. Starring Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane and more, this show has so much going for it. The show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, has often been praised for colour blind casting and focusing on the medicine and not sex. The fascinating medical mysteries and scenarios caused fans to turn on the TV every week. From impaled commuters, to unexplained seizures, shocking attacks to hilarious mishaps this show marvelled viewers. No one knew what to expect next. We have laughed, cried and danced it out whilst watching this show, but the magic is gone. I don’t want to say it, but I don’t know if I want to tune in anymore.

So, here is how to fix it: end it. I know what you’re thinking, how can you fix the show, by ending it? But, here me out. Grey’s Anatomy has blessed our TV screens for almost 15 years. We celebrated when new babies were born, and sobbed when our favourite characters died. We danced with the twisted sisters, and squirmed at the appropriate moments, but it’s time to turn the lights off, and call time of death on this show.

The show lost its magic, when it lost its medicine, and you can’t blame them – I think they’ve just about touched on every documented medical case out there. There are only so many miraculous tumours, devastating cancers, and plane crashes that can exist. Let alone in one hospital – in one city. At one point in the show, the hospital was called Seattle Grace Mercy West, jokingly nicknamed by its doctors as Seattle Grace Mercy Death. And, I‘d have to agree, this hospital has faced a lot of disaster, and it saddens me to say this show must end, but it should stop. Whilst it’s on a high, it should close its doors.

So, fixing Grey’s Anatomy can only be done by not renewing it for a sixteenth outing. Even better, end it with all the cast happy, and looking forward to a happy future. No more death, no more sickness – just a good ending, to give all its viewers a nice high, as if Dr Grey herself had given us an injection of morphine.

Grey’s Anatomy airs on Sky Witness in the UK.


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