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Online streaming websites have become the go to place to catch up on television series’, both those aired a long time ago and more recent releases. That being said, because these websites are so new, relatively speaking, a lot of shows are still not available on either Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant video. Here, our editors look at the shows that we think should be on these streaming services:

Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars is the stuff that binge viewing was made for. A compelling mystery storyline, snappy dialogue and interesting characters make for some very compulsive viewing, as the audience follows Veronica in her adventures as a teenage private investigator. What sounds clichéd and even a ridiculous prospect is gritty and engaging, as Veronica searches for the murderer of her best friend in the first season. Veronica Mars is owned by Warner Brothers, which already has a deal with Netflix to stream a certain amount of the company’s television shows, so it is baffling why Veronica Mars is not already available. Hopefully the buzz around the film’s recent release has increased demand for the show, which will prompt Warner Brothers to allow Netflix to stream it. Words by Rebecca James

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is a cult 90’s television show made by creative genius David Lynch. The  show plunges you straight into the middle of a crime scene, with the infamous death of Laura Palmer. The words on everybody’s lips at the time were ‘who killed Laura Palmer?’, and avid viewers had to sit through cliffhanger after cliffhanger in order to find out, making for perfect binge material. I would be happy if only season one went up on Netflix as season two gets weird, even by David Lynch’s standards, with people turning into doorknobs and such. Despite this, season one is essential watching for lovers of great television. Words by Megan Downing

Strike Back

Strike Back is a British action military series based on the book by Chris Ryan. Series one starred Richard Armitage as SAS operative John Porter and aired on Sky 1 HD in 2010. Thanks to a little thing called The Hobbit, Armitage left during series two and the show became the home to charismatic double-act Stonebridge and Scott, played by Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton. The show is anchored by their superb chemistry. Sure, there is way too much sex (it’s part funded by Cinemax, which has a history in soft-core porn), but the whole thing is so slickly put together and desperately addictive, this is a show made for binge viewing. In the States the show is owned by HBO, so Netflix isn’t getting its hands on it over there. In the UK, however, it’s a BBC Worldwide show (who have big deals with Netflix), so let’s hope it turns up on the streaming service sometime soon. Words by Barnaby Walter


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