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As a new university term begins, so does the desire to find something new to fill the hole in your life left by the last great box set that you watched. The problem is, where do we begin to look for the next great show? Here at The Edge we thought we would compile a list of the shows to watch after the ‘last big thing’.

If you liked House of Cards, try: Scandal 

If you like House of Cards, then Scandal should be the next show on your list – it ticks all the political thriller boxes, yet comes from a different perspective. In the US, Scandal has been taking the major awards shows by storm for the last three years. Kerry Washington has been nominated for two Emmy awards, one SAG award and one Golden Globe award for her portrayal of central character Olivia Pope, yet the show has gained very little attention here in the UK. Pope leads a group of ‘fixers’, a team of highly trained individuals who fix the problems of those who live in Washington DC. What could have become another frothy drama, supersedes expectations as it explores the seedy underbelly of Washington DC, looking at election rigging, political machinations, assassinations and covert operations.

Other shows to consider: Boss, and Borgen.

If you liked The West Wing, try Suits:

If you trusted the initial marketing of Suits, you would be forgiven for thinking that it has nothing in common with political drama, The West Wing. It paints the show as frivolous – a kind of drama comedy revolving around lawyers. In reality, the show is about power play and manipulation – you rarely see the lawyers go to any kind of trial as, instead, they try to use the law, and play the opposition to win. The show focuses on gifted drop-out Mike who has an eidetic memory, and Harvey Specter, the lawyer who hires him as his associate, despite his lack of a law degree. The interactions between the two characters add some levity to the proceedings, which could be mistaken for comedy, but the fast-paced legal action and plot make the show perfect for those who like intricate story lines and complicated power play.

Other shows to consider: White Collar, or Psych.

If you liked Supernatural, try Arrow 

The most obvious show to which Arrow can be compared is Smallville. Like Smallville, Arrow focuses on a DC comics’ superhero, and the central character, Oliver Queen, is featured in the latter series of the CW show. However, Arrow is a far more gritty exploration of the billionaire turned hero motif, more along the lines of Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. If you liked the first five series of Supernatural in particular, with its dingy visuals and tortured heroes, then Arrow is the show for you. It focuses on Stephen Amell’s Oliver, who returns home after spending five years stranded on an island with the mission to clean up corruption in his city. With the superhero elements played down, Oliver is a vigilante looking for justice. Part of what makes the show compulsive is the dual running story lines – present day Oliver, and his experiences on the island, run alongside one another, creating intrigue on all fronts.

Other shows to consider: Grimm and Gotham.

If you liked Game of Thrones, try Black Sails.

Part of what makes Game of Thrones such a compulsive show is the fantasy setting, mixed in with political drama and extreme violence. Black Sails, now on Amazon Instant Video, ticks all of these boxes and is perfect to fill the gap left by Game of Thrones. Set in the midst of the 18th Century pirating world, it has breathtaking visuals and is imagined as a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Featuring drama, manipulation and betrayal in spades, the pirate characters are painted as neither black nor white, but as complex personalities. The show also boasts acting pedigree in Toby Stephens, Dame Maggie Smith’s son.

Other shows to consider: Spartacus and Vikings.


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