My Most Memorable Concert: The Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes Bowl, 2011


My most memorable concert happily coincides with my first ‘proper’ concert (that is, unless you count an 8 year old me bopping along to S Club 7). In July 2011, I was lucky enough to see Foo Fighters perform on one of two dates at Milton Keynes Bowl, at the height of their Wasting Light tour.

The value I attribute to this concert probably has quite a lot to do with having hailed Foo Fighters as one of my favourite bands of all time- thanks to the introduction by my mum. That said, I’m not sure I had a lot of choice what with One by One being blared out in the car at any given opportunity!

I can still clearly remember my excitement when Foo Fighters took to the stage, opening with ‘Rope’. ‘Rope’, which also marked the opening of Wasting Light, was a perfect opening. I don’t think anyone there – which, at the hands of the bowl-shaped venue, had an absolutely amazing sound – could have escaped the contagious excitement. Before Foo Fighters’ slot, Tame Impala, Death Cab for Cutie and Biffy Clyro had all performed throughout the evening. Having seen Tame Impala and Biffy Clyro since, I think I definitely should have appreciated them more at the time- but I think I was just a little bit too geared up for the main event.

Highlights of Foo Fighters’ set were hard to pin down at the time, as they still are now. But, as an all-time favourite track, singing to ‘Best of You’ at the top of my lungs whilst crushed in a crowd of people twice my height was definitely up there.

It wasn’t until the Wasting Light tour that I had really been old enough to go to a concert and properly enjoy it, so I think that’s part of why this particular concert stands out so much. I’m glad to have seen Foo Fighters at the age I was, because all too often now I see bands as part of festivals which always end up a little bit hazy.

It’s probably mostly the nostalgic attachments I have to this concert that have prompted me to choose it as my most memorable one, but it truly was an amazing night of music and I hope that I get the chance to see them again soon.


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