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James Bay makes you shiver with smooth vocals and sultry guitar, yet he is rocketing into stardom. Something truly special is hidden under that hat!

James Bay is an up and coming artist from Hertfordshire, who has been dominating our airwaves recently and rightly so. He is a brilliant songwriter who has sown his career with velvet undertones and sultry guitar. He has been working away for years now, having released 3 EPS, The Dark of The Morning (2013), Let It Go (2014) and Hold Back the River (2014). In fact, he has just been crowned the Brits Critics Choice winner for 2014. Since then he has appeared in many live recordings for BBC Radio 1 which has launched his career, he’s off to a great start. It seems he is on a brilliant trajectory so far, having just recently announced the release of his debut album Chaos and the Calm, which will be available on the 23rd March 2015.

This album is greatly anticipated and features his most successful singles, from all three extended plays. The best singles include: ‘Hold Back the River’, which has had the seal of approval from Zane Lowe, and ‘Let It Go’. Both these hits have been well received with beautiful melodic voice and a gentle husky undertone. While he toured with his first EP, The Dark of The Morning in the US, he is now taking the UK industry by storm. His second and third EPs from this year, in one word, are magical.

‘Let it Go’ is the most gorgeous track I’ve heard this year, it gives you shivers with a simple yet impactive melody and although it is not high volume or in your face, it leaves you feeling melted or bathed in the music, have a listen and you’ll understand. Other tracks in this EP revealed in June include, ‘Hear Your Heart’ and ‘Stealing Cars’ which are also stunning tracks and which give him a great foundation for his next. Hold Back The River, his third EP, is fronted by a more up tempo mixture of songs which are tuneful and catchy and appeal to his growing fanbase.

His album is soon to be released and I personally can’t wait, James Bay delivers a genre which stands on its own two feet, refreshing and sincere. Something truly special is hidden under that hat!

You can preorder his album or book tour dates here.


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