“Everything inspires me! Everyone and everything, I’ll even write a song about this phone call” – An interview with Saul Godman of Clean Cut Kid


Evelyn and Mike Halls, singers in Clean Cut Kid, went on a date in 2012 – on their second date, he wrote a song about her. They started singing and writing together, got Saul Godman (bassist) and Ross Higginson (drummer) on board, and now they’ve released their debut album Felt, which is all about how Evelyn and Mike met and fell in love. After their second gig, they signed with Polydor, and they’re playing an incredible number of gigs in the upcoming months, from Y Not Festival this weekend to Bestival in September, and a Southampton appearance at The Loft on October 21st.

How would you describe your sound for those who haven’t heard your songs before?

I mean, I’d just say we’re a rock and roll band, but with a girl singer – it’s dual-fronted – most rock and roll bands don’t have a girl singer. I guess the closest would probably be Fleetwood Mac, who we all love anyway.

What was it that brought you together as a band?

I actually met Mike a few years ago because he’s a known guitarist around Liverpool but he’d been working in London. Apparently he’d been looking for me! He had no contact details for me, then saw me busking and invited me to come and play with him, it was amazing. At first Evelyn played drums with one hand and keyboard with the other but it was giving her a bad back from twisting and leaning over, we all knew Ross to be a good drummer so just started playing together – after the first meeting it was just job done.

Would you say they inspire you?

Everything inspires me! Everyone and everything, I’ll even write a song about this phone call.

How’s the fan reaction to Felt been?

I actually hope the self-titled song comes out as a single – but about the album, people are saying it’s a masterpiece and everything, so we’re just so happy that everyone’s happy with it.

That’s a pretty good reaction for your debut album!

Yeah, I mean it’s one of those where it’s not just a collection of the first demos or anything, we went around with different producers to decide what would be best for it.

Who was your favourite producer to work with on the album?

The very first person we recorded with was called Rich Turvey, who’s just done the Blossoms album. He actually went to uni with Mike so we went there, and went in the studio with him. He’s hilarious for one, but if something’s not right he’ll have us get back in there and do it again until it’s right. Hopefully we’ll be able to work with him again soon – when I say production, he makes sure the job gets done, and knows exactly how he wants it to sound. He presses ‘record’ but he’s there for the whole process.

Check out Clean Cut Kid’s tour dates here, and their title track ‘Felt’ below.


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