Introducing: Knuckleheads


Concisely describing themselves as “Just another shitty loud band…”, Knuckleheads are a four-piece punk band from Basingstoke, with influences ranging from Motörhead to My Chemical Romance. This month, they released their debut single ‘White Line Fever’ on their bandcamp

‘White Line Fever’ has some strong ties to traditional punk, with the bonus of having good recorded sound quality. The guitar work on this track is strong, but it’s really the bass that comes through and gives you an angry punk-kick in the gut. Whilst the traditional punk vibes are apparent, Knuckleheads also bring through other influences, taking ‘White Line Fever’ to a different level than your average copy-cat punk band.

The plan for Knuckleheads is to release a new song on the first of every month, and there are talks of a music video in the mix. They have previously played the Facebar in Reading, and Sanctuary in Basingstoke supporting Drones and Frown Upon, as well as performing at the modest Tadley Tea Party.

Their performance on the 28th July at The Joiners was beyond superb – they owned the stage, and their sound quality was entirely unaffected by the pressure of a live performance. Keeping an eye on these guys is well-advised, considering their sound and the surge of interest in the DIY punk scene recently. Knuckleheads could be the next big thing, looking forward to hearing more of their releases!

  Check out ‘White Line Fever’ below. 



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