“It’s just a big celebration” – An Interview with Chris Caines of Coasts


If you’ve attended a festival in the last three years, it’s more than likely you’ll have come across Coasts. The Bristolian five piece indie rock group are somewhat of a university success story; having met as students in Bath, they’ve made it to stages at Reading and Leeds, Boardmasters and even Coachella. As they ride a wave of success from their second album, This Life Vol. 1, we caught up with lead singer Chris to chat about their influences, their imminent tour, and returning to Southampton.

You met at university in Bath – do you have any advice for aspiring musicians starting up at university?

We met as friends at university but we didn’t really get good until we put the work in. We left university and for a few years we would rehearse solidly for four days a week. So I guess my advice is to work hard and it will pay off.

Where did the band name come from?

We wanted something that was instantly identifiable and easy to remember. The fact that it is one word was also a factor!

Your sound is a real mixture of danceable pop and indie rock, varying quite dramatically from track to track. Who would you say your musical inspirations are?

I think it’s hard to say where our inspirations come from because it’s never a conscious thing. We just write whatever melodies feel right with whatever riffs or chord structures we come up with. We try not to think too much about it. We love so many different types of music that they must all make their way into our sound in some way.

Your first album was a real hit, particularly well received by live audiences. How do you feel the sound has evolved for This Life?

We wanted a much more rounded record this time around. The first record bursts out of the blocks and never really stops going. We have some really lovely down tempo moments on this record that give it a real sense of space.

You’ve played festivals extensively in the last few years. How does it differ playing your own tour, and which live gigs do you prefer doing?

They are so different that it’s hard to pick between them. Our own shows are great because you’ve already won them over, it’s just a big celebration. Whereas it is quite fun trying to warm up a crowd and get them to invest in what you’re doing.

Your Southampton show in October is already sold out. Are you looking forward to seeing how different audiences around the UK receive the new album?

We are playing a lot of shows on this tour in places that we’ve never been before which is going to be a lot of fun. Loads of new faces to see! It is always interesting seeing which shows are more raucous. We just always try to give everything and put on a lively show!

Coasts play a sold-out gig at the Joiners on October 2nd. Their latest album, This Life Vol. 1, was released on August 18th via High Time Records.


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