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Happy Valentine’s Day! Because we’re always looking for an excuse to show a bit of excitement over our favourite couples, we assembled to talk about the scenes where they finally (we use this word a lot) get together. Whether it’s a passionate kiss, a genuine “I love you”, a heartbreaking farewell, or some endearing bickering, these scenes celebrate love, and that’s what today is all about!

Jim & Pam – The Office (U.S.)

The Office (U.S.) has become somewhat of a phenomenon over the past few years, despite the final ever episode airing in May 2013. For those who don’t know though, Jim (John Krasinski) is a sales man working for paper company called ‘Dunder Mifflin’ where Pam, (Jenna Fischer) is the receptionist and engaged to one of the warehouse men, Roy.

There are countless moments throughout the series where Jim and Pam get together’, but in my opinion, the most poignant is in the final episode of season three, when all hope seems lost for poor Pam who has finally realised that her and Jim should be together. Just as Pam is telling the cameras about how her and Jim won’t be able to work out due to his new job offer in New York, Jim refuses the job position in her favour and swoops into the room and asks teary Pam out on a date, a moment all viewers had been anticipating from the very first episode.

words by Abigail Wood

Chuck & Blair – Gossip Girl

When the finale of season two of Gossip Girl first came out, my sister and I kept it on our planner for months and would continually rewind to the final scene, in which Chuck finally admits his love for Blair. Even now, watching it makes me feel warm and happy. From the upbeat song to the outfits, to the long list of favourite things that Chuck got for Blair, this first declaration of love could not have been more perfect. It came after a long journey of sex, denial, heartbreak and, most crucially, dysfunction. This simple and romantic moment, therefore, offers a stark contrast to the rest of their relationship. Unfortunately many more barriers still stood between them and a happy ever after, but that doesn’t stop the beauty of this scene touching every viewer who has ever rooted for Chuck and Blair.

words by Nelly Mair

Han Solo & Leia Organa – Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Leia’s declaration of love in Empire Strikes Back has gone down in cinematic history, and while it is best remembered for Han Solo’s roguish ‘I know’, what makes this scene so incredibly special is that this moment is all about Leia.

Dedicated to the rebellion and the welfare of others, Leia is forced to think about her own needs when she is faced with a man concerned only about her. For Leia to give into her feelings is rare and unexpected but empowers her nonetheless as her declaration isn’t for Han’s benefit but rather hers.

In an era where women functioned as the subject to be wooed by the male hero’s charms, Leia’s declaration gives her agency; she is enriched by her romance and fans continue to find satisfaction and empowerment making it one of the best ‘get-together scenes’ in cinema.

words by Laura Woodhouse

The Doctor & Rose – Doctor Who

I’m not a fan of the Doctor falling for his companions, but the bewitching chemistry between David Tennant and Billie Piper made it hard not to love their partnership. The first seeds of their love were planted before Christopher Eccleston’s sudden departure, but when Rose met the Tenth Doctor things really heated up. After she came to terms with her best friend changing his face, she ended up snogging him one episode later (albeit possessed by Cassandra), and they even made plans to “get a mortgage” later in the series while stranded in the future.

But after just thirteen episodes, they were brutally torn apart as Rose became trapped in a parallel universe. Their devastating farewell in ‘Doomsday’ became one of the most iconic Doctor Who moments of all time; even if they were reunited (briefly) just two series later. Another battle with the Daleks saw them split up again, although – in the most bittersweet of conclusions – the Doctor got to watch as Rose found love with his human clone. But let’s forget about that twisted ending, and instead look at a slideshow of David and Billie looking mega cute. ????

words by James Barker

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Ron & Hermione – Harry Potter

For some, Romione was inevitable from the first time she told him to clean his nose. For others, it was destined to end in marriage counselling. However, I think both parties can at least agree that the scene in the film had nothing on the book.

Image result for ron and hermione get together book

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Instead of soaking wet and in a damp cave, surrounded by snake statues and loomed over by the face of Salazar Slytherin, the book saw them kiss in the halls of Hogwarts, where they’d spent their years bickering and giving each other the silent treatment. After Hermione’s endless campaigns for house elf rights, Ron is the one that thinks of their safety in the midst of battle, and it is this act of kindness, rather than a fear-induced rush of adrenaline, that brings them together. And as he always was in the midst of their fights, Harry is caught in the middle, looking on in exasperation.  It’s real, and it’s sweet, and had been a long time coming.

words by Sophie Jones

Ross & Rachel – Friends

This kind of article doesn’t just end without Ross and Rachel, the twisted yet emblematic couple from Friends. You know the story: he liked her for years and she didn’t know, when she finds out and realises it’s mutual he gets a girlfriend, and then he finds out about her feelings from a drunk voicemail…

Thus we get to one of the most anticipated moments in the history of TV romance: the confrontation in ‘The One Where Ross Finds Out’. Cards are on the table, and it’s all over: Ross’ ship had sailed with Julie, and Rachel shouts “And you know what? Now I got closure!” after him (BOOM).  Everything that happens afterwards is a massive cliché, but that doesn’t make it less thrilling: the rain, the comic relief, and the moment when they finally kiss (well, only to break up and then get together-together a bit later). Just your average will-they-won’t-they game, right?

words by Thea Hartman




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