“Rock’n’roll hit me in the face and it sounded like the thing that makes sense the most in the world.” – An interview with Danio Forni of Husky Loops


Hailing from Bologna and based in London, three-piece Husky Loops are genuinely unlike anything you’ve seen. Danio talked with me after their Southampton date about their inspirations, forming because they felt they had to after looking like a band together, and how exactly they got the name Husky Loops.

How does the music scene differ from Bologna to London?
It’s a very hard question. It’s very different, different clubs, different venues, different crowd, different music played by the DJs. In Italy Italian music is still big, so there was a lot of that. People react different to the music here, it’s just hard to explain, you’d need to come down and see. It’s different everywhere you go really, we were part of the Bologna scene when we were adolescents; at the time there were a lot of punk bands around and indie rock was becoming very popular, so everyone was kind of playing in a band and it was really cool.
We all started taking music seriously then. I guess the reason why we left is because the music industry is dead here, so that is a big difference. There are no A&Rs coming to your show when you’re 18 kind of thing here… you play for your friends, you create your fan base but rock music is very underground.
What music did you listen to when you were younger?
A lot of bands from the UK actually, lot of indie rock, classic rock, rock’n’roll, but also electronic music, hip hop, classical music… we’ve been music heads all of our lives, we’ve been listening to everything always. We’re still like this today. I guess this is a big part of what Husky Loops is, being able of understanding different genres.

How did you get into music?

I have memories of liking sounds and rhythm from a very early age. Then I picked up a Jerry Lee Lewis record when I was 8 years old, I was digging in my father’s collection, and from then something happened. I remember rock’n’roll hit me in the face and it sounded like the thing that makes sense the most in the world. Still does.

How did you form?
 In London. He was like “what the hell are you doing here” and I said “I’m with Tom”. Tom was downstairs chewing a banana, he came upstairs (I called him, I was like “Tom! Tom!”) and we looked at each other then for the the first time and said “Jesus Christ on a bike we look like a band don’t we” so we felt like we had to.
What inspired the name?
 Tom chewing the banana. He looked miserable, a bit like a husky stuck in a washing machine. Like a Husky Loops.

Where do you get inspiration for lyrics?

Love, relationships, family, memories. Mainly that really, at the moment…
What influenced/currently influences your sound?
 Nothing specific influences our sound, although r’n’b and hip hop inspired us a lot recently. Frank Ocean live was a beautiful experience, and the last Kendrick album was played a lot in the van. But then you know, not only records inspire us, our sound also comes from various discussions, machines can inspired a song too, also other bands we play with influenced us in a way I guess.
What are you listening to at the moment?
Recent/upcoming gigs you’re looking forward to?
 I can’t wait to play any shows. I love playing live always!

What’s next for you?

 Lots of gigs, festivals, writing and…

Check out ‘Fighting Myself’ below:


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