The Best Vacation Flick?: Teen Beach Movie (2013)


What’s a better way to spend the last days of summer than stuck inside your favourite musical? Well, if your favourite is one of the many revolutionary musicals, this might not be the best time for you (I’m looking at you Les Mis fans), but for Teen Beach Movie’s Brady (Ross Lynch) this is a dream come true as he and his girlfriend Mack (Maia Mitchell) find themselves trapped in ‘West Side Story’, a hit 1960s beach party musical in which a turf war breaks out between the surfers and the bikers. Brady and Mack find their place in the film inadvertently disruptive, with their only hope of returning home being to try and fix the chaos they’ve caused.

This Disney Channel Original Movie cruised its way onto screens in the summer of 2013, bringing with it waves of fun and an amazing soundtrack that have stuck with me for years. As we approach its 10th anniversary, I can still vouch that this film should be a summer staple for everyone. Teen Beach Movie is a tribute to classic Beach musicals, earnestly celebrating their fun and absurd nature, and does not forget the ever-so-important romance. With its lively dance performances, playful character dynamics, and songs that have more that withstood the test of time, this kitsch film has the perfect energy for summer.


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