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The EDGE caught up with new talent Sunday Girl before she supported Ellie Goulding at Southampton Guildhall, to chat touring, song-writing and fashion.

So Sunday Girl, you’re touring with Ellie Goulding at the moment, is this your first experience of being on tour?

Yeah it is. I did some of the festivals over summer (Bestival and Wireless), but it wasn’t being away from home or anything, so it’s completely new- but I’m loving it.

Where has been your favourite place to play so far?

This is the prettiest venue actually. I don’t know, all the gigs have merged into each other. The crowds have just been so good. I didn’t expect the audience to be young girls, which it has been, but they are so good and lots of fun.

Did you know Ellie Goulding before you went touring with her?

No I’d never met her. It was weird because I was doing her tour, but I’d never ever spoken to her. But she is really lovely. We don’t travel around together which is a shame, but after gigs we’ll have a drink at the venue.

I’ve done a bit of research, and you’ve been in bands before. How does being a solo artist compare?

Well I still have a band, we’re just not named as a band. I got to audition them all, and they’re all my good friends now, so it feels exactly the same.

Are you excited about your new single?

I’m a bit scared. (Giggles nervously)

You’re a singer/songwriter, could you tell us a bit about your writing process? Where do you get inspiration from?

Some days I might be on the train, or the bus and I might overhear a conversation. I always have paper with me to write stuff down. I always get inspired in the bath, I think it’s because it’s inconvenient, when I don’t have any paper! I can’t play piano very well but just sitting there hearing notes conjures things up.

On your Youtube channel you’ve done a number of covers, including a MGMT song in which you’re singing in the pet shop you used to work in. What makes you want to cover a song?

I really love that MGMT song. It’s that idea of missing where you started from. Not that I’m actually famous or anything. But that I really loved that pet shop, then I moved to London to do my singing and left it behind, so it’s kind of similar in that sense. I also like covering really naff songs. We covered Kesha’s ‘TikTok’ and it’s a really good song but I love it ‘cos it’s kinda naff.

You’re the face of the River Island Design Forum, you have a fashion column and have been named one of ASOS’ most stylish women. How important is fashion in your life? Do you think style influences music?

I love the link between artists and the way they dress, because it’s all really related. It’s an extension or an expression of themselves. On tour I’ve run out of clothes so I throw on anything, but  usually I like dressing quite tailored and masculine, and looking quite French. My music is colourful with loads of layers and noise so I dress quite plainly as a bit of a contrast, its more stripped back and more intriguing.

You are now a fashion writer, a DJ and model, as well as a musician. Is being a singer/songwriter your first love?

Yeah being a singer is most important. That’s why I’m here, and it’s hard to remember that sometimes. It’s like a dartboard and that’s the bullseye, all the other stuff is not as important.

How did you get your first big break?

I was singing in bands, and one day, when I’d been singing in a bar, I was approached by a guy who asked if he could manage me. He knew a few songwriters and I got to write with loads of people for  a year and a half. Then I wrote ‘Stop Hey’ and an A&R man heard it and I got signed because of that song. There is no rhyme and reason to getting signed though.

Your music has been defined as pop. How would you describe your sound?

I wanted sing-along choruses with a poppy sound.  But it’s also quite ethereal, like a wall of layers and sounds.

Do you think that your audience is similar to Ellie Goulding’s?

Yeah, I think it’s the most perfect tour I could’ve picked. The audiences seemed to have really liked me, they’ve been great.

As we are a student magazine – have you ever been to university?

I did an art foundation course, then did a degree in set design and in my first year I was song-writing at the same time. I got signed so I dropped out. I wasn’t sure about uni, I’m happy doing what I’m doing now.

Does that mean you’ve had any creative input over the set design for the tour?

They don’t really let me do much, but I’ve put big butterflies in frames in front of the keyboards so it looks like taxidermy. But when I have my own tour it’s going to look mad.

Sunday Girl’s single ‘Stop Hey’ will be released on 16th Jan 2011. For more info go to


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