Introducing: Doug Locke


If you’re searching for summer vibes, look no further – the Californian style of Los Angeles based Doug Locke bleeds through effortlessly into his music. A native of Houston, Texas, Locke’s music embodies bass and beats along with the traditional and the acoustic sounds to create a rich sound that simply belongs in the heat, be it at the beach or at a party.  Remaining humble he’s only just started to rise to prominence, with some online outlets championing his “discovery”, and with the recent release of his debut EP Blue Heart, there’s never been a better time to join the fun.

Locke’s music videos first started gaining popularity online due to their masterful treatment of heartfelt issues and themes. Initially a theatre troop member who performed and taught the art, he has brought his talent through into his work in the music industry. ‘#ThisCouldBeUs’ tells a tale of lost love, homophobia and interracial relationships; Locke isn’t shy about involving his sexuality in his music, with this track hitting No. 32 in the iTunes Hot 100 chart. Meanwhile, his EP’s leading single and newest release ‘KING’ connects with an underdog story of overcoming adversity.

Despite these sensitive issues, however, Locke’s music is careful to remain upbeat and empowering. Cheeky, almost. ‘Give It Up’ – including the track’s official remixes – is unapologetically fun and flirty, a song all about summery seduction. It is in this that perhaps Locke’s greatest talent can be seen; that he does not need to abandon the heart and soul of his work for it to be lighthearted or enjoyable, instead providing the perfect blend the two. ‘#ThisCouldBeUs’ could not show this more clearly, and Doug Locke is certainly one to watch to catch more like it.


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