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With 2 tracks out now, and an album in the works, nobody saw the collaboration of these three internationally renowned artists coming. LSD are going to be the ones to watch over the coming months, but who are LSD?

The first member of LSD is the London-born singer/songwriter Labrinth, who is no stranger to collaborating with big names. In the past, Labrinth has written songs for The Weeknd, Rihanna and Emili Sandé, as well as collaborating on many tracks with other artists, most famously with Tinie Tempah on the 2012 hit ‘Earthquake’.

The next member of LSD is Australian superstar Sia. Sia rose to fame because of her collaborations with David Guetta, on tracks such as ‘Titanium’ and ‘She Wolf’, so she’s no stranger to working with big names. Her major breakthrough came with her 6th studio album, 1000 Forms of Fear, which contained many of her most recognised songs, like ‘Chandelier’ and ‘Elastic Heart’.

Diplo is the final member of LSD. The Californian DJ has worked in the music industry for quite some time – including with Sia on ‘Elastic Heart’. He rose to fame when he worked with M.I.A on the hit ‘Paper Planes’ in 2005, and since found resounding success as a member of a few DJ supergroups, such as Major Lazer and, more recently, as Jack Ü alongside Skrillex. Each project he works on has a unique sound: from the reggae feel-good vibes of Major Lazer, to the mainstream house beats of Jack Ü, each project is different – and the same can be expected for LSD.

So onto their discography. Within the last few weeks, the collaborative has released two singles: their debut ‘Genius’, and follow-up single ‘Audio’. ‘Genius’ combines the recognisable vocals of Labrinth and Sia with the unmistakable electropop-synth stylings of Diplo to make something completely new. There’s a tangible focus on finding “the one”, Sia’s lyric “You’re the lock and I’m the key” standing out above many. The serenading between Labrinth and Sia’s verses serves to only reinforce this message, as Sia sings “only a genius could love a woman like me” and Labrinth replies “I’m a genius” later in the song.

Their second single ‘Audio’ is somewhat harder to describe. It’s slower than the first, yet still with an upbeat tone, although it sounds like its been influenced by Diplo’s Major Lazer days as it has a far more tropical vibe than ‘Genius’. The music videos for both ‘Genius’ and ‘Audio’ both feature colourful cartoon versions of Labrinth and Sia. The video for ‘Genius’ is trippy and brightly coloured, almost childish in appearance, however it is appropriate for the song’s uplifting tone. It features the cartoons of Labrinth and Sia trying to find each other, even after Sia has been taken away by a caricature head of Diplo.

With the positive lyrics and themes, along with the upbeat vibes, ‘Genius’ and ‘Audio’ are looking to become summer anthems for 2018, and we as the listener will most likely be hearing more from LSD soon, be it their debut album or a third single.

Want to know more? Check out the LSD Artist Page on Spotify.

Catch the psychedelic music video for ‘Genius’ here:

Both ‘Genius’ and ‘Audio’ are out now via Syco Records


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