Introducing: Plastic Barricades


First birthed in Estonia in 2007, this now North-West London based Plastic Barricades have gone from strength to strength. From their inception this trio, fronted by guitarist, keyboard and vocalist Dan Kert, have dedicated themselves to creating and broadcasting music with a meaning. Their songs seek to comment on our society with painstaking sincerity, both asking questions and proposing answers.

Their sound is driven by clear, high guitar that keeps the mood in a sort of ephemeral summer, light and airy, while harmonies across the trio’s instruments add a sense of emotional weight. ‘Needles In Haystacks’ in particular – the band’s most recent release from their upcoming album – is a track that strikes the perfect balance between melodic and melancholic. You can bop along happily to the beautifully constructed rhythms, but pausing to actually take in the lyrics can be awfully sobering. It talks to those of us who can forget the journey when aiming for the destination. “All you need is a bit of greed, and ambition to succeed. Ask yourself tonight, would you like to hit rewind?”

Upbeat and romantic but touched with down-to-Earth realism, Plastic Barricades music is the kind that we all wordless agree on; the sort that has a purpose, or a message. Their lyrics are honest without labouring the point, and citing influences from Keane to Oasis they seek to chronicle life in the “troubled yet fascinating” 21st Century.

With their previous singles racking up plays on Soundcloud, ‘Needles In Haystacks’ recieving airplay on over 300 stations worldwide, and a tour in the works, now might be the perfect time to give them a listen.

Plastic Barricades are playing Solarsphere, Magic Music and Indie Label Showcase festivals this summer. ‘Needles in Haystacks’ is available to buy or stream now.


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