Introducing: Post Louis


A five-piece producing softly skewed pop to charm the senses; meet Post Louis.

The maturation of a developing sound, Post Louis have been honing their writing talents and musical stylings since the group’s inception in 2013. Core songwriting duo Stephanie Davin and Robbie Stern have worked hard to create truly affecting music, ending last years work and beginning this one’s tucked away to write in a Welsh cottage with an acoustic guitar. Their music is intimate, complex and beautiful; all the while avoiding being overly weighed down and while retaining a sense of the lighthearted.

Think The National, but more electric and upbeat. Think Hotel California-era The Eagles, but contemporary and a touch lighter. Think The Hush Sound, but a bit more dance-y. ’30m Pool’, their most recent release pulled from an upcoming debut album, features witty lyricisms sung in operatic tones over the tones of tuneful electric guitar. It’s an ideal late summer jam, for wilting evenings rapidly loosing their heat.

With this singalong-ready love song now behind them, and the upcoming album release on the horizon, now is the right time to jump in (pardon the pun) and give Post Louis a listen.

Post Louis play The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington on September 12th. ’30m Pool’ is available to stream now.


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