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The London-based Sam, Russ and Ben form Zibra. Defining themselves as glitch indie, this trio are rising fast and have gone from strength to strength in recent months. Just this summer they’ve played a headlining set on Glastonbury’s Introducing stage, got a double page spread in The Sun and had their track ‘Great White Shark’ plugged into BBC Radio 1’s playlist.

(They also played the opening of a few of fan Donatella Versace’s new stores while she sang along. Which is, you know. Sorta cool.)

Baseline heavy and rock infused, Zibra’s brand of indie features cleverly layered instrumentation and vocals, topped off with a smidge of synth. Their lyrics are quick and snappy but don’t take themselves too seriously; while you may assume newest release ‘Paris’ is a love letter to the French capital, it’s instead a snappy and occasionally swear-punched retort to the cold solitude of city life.

If you’re still curious as to what exactly Zibra’s sound is like, it might help to know that ‘Great White Shark‘ was featured right across the last season of Made In Chelsea. That’s right – this is the sort of slick indie that’s effortlessly cool, while remaining energising and upbeat. This is strutting down the street music turned potential clubbing anthem.

Quickly picking up momentum – just like their all their best tracks – and with a debut album out soon, now is the perfect time to give them a listen.

Zibra play Southampton’s own Joiners on September 30th, supporting Rat Boy. EP3000 is available now.


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