Introducing: Charlotte Baile


British born and internationally award winning, jazz guitarist, singer and songwriter Charlotte Baile is – simply put – a joy to listen to.

With an athletics background but having already played the guitar for almost ten years, she was discovered during a competition which held the prize of recording your own track in a prestigious London studio. After winning – of course – she has gone on to sign a recording contract with Digital Jukebox/BBC Worldwide Music. But what, you ask, does she sound like?

Classically trained, Baile’s voice is as sultry as silk. Warm and rich it compliments melodic instrumentation, and reflects her talent should she try any jazz standard. She certainly has plenty unique to offer, though. An acoustic reinvention of a classic track, her recent debut release covering ‘Summertime’ combines strong yet smooth jazz vocals over contemporary instrumentation for a refreshing introduction into an altogether different sort of jazz. What’s more, the lyricism on her upcoming debut album is certain to be a treat, as she cites influences for her songwriting to be masters of the field including Keaton Henson and Laura Mvula.

Undeniably talented with releases on the horizon this year and next, for fans of jazz Charlotte Baile is certainly one to watch.

‘Summertime’ will be released 20th September; its teaser is available to stream now.


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