Union Films’ Halloween All-Nighter: A Preview


This year, our wonderful university cinema Union Films has assured us the film selection for the Halloween all-nighter event will be much scarier than last year. Although I thought 2010’s selection of films was great, 2011’s list is really inspired. So let’s take a look at some of the horrors this Halloween has in store for us.

Trick ‘r’ Treat (2007)

I’m yet to see this creepy little frightener. It famously didn’t get a cinema release in the UK, with Warner Bros. opting to take it straight to the DVD shelves. But its fans earnestly speak its praises as one of the most interesting and intelligent horror movies of recent years.

Saw (2004)

This is where it all began: all the torture, all the nastiness, all the sickening tricks and games. And surprisingly, there is very little blood. This is the key difference between this series opener and the rest of the films. I’d actually argue this movie isn’t a horror, but actually a well-pitched, excellently directed manipulative thriller. It’s worth experiencing it again on the big screen.

John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982)

The upcoming film The Thing isn’t actually a remake – it’s a prequel. But see this first, in case the new film destroys everything. And this will be a rare chance to see a horror classic from 1982 on the big screen.

[REC] (2007)

In 2008, Hollywood remade this movie so the thick, lazy and gullible could enjoy it. It was called Quarantine. Clearly, while faced with the idea of watching [REC], audiences were exclaiming “What? How can we be scared while watching these… wordy things… what they called… subtitles?! … And it’s not even in American!”. Luckily, Union Films is giving you the opportunity not to have to suffer the crass Hollywood interpretation of this Spanish classic: you’re getting the real deal.

Triangle (2009)

An intense and brilliantly imaginative British/Australian horror thriller. It’s incredibly far-fetched, but its power and impact is rather superb. A great film to end on.

So that’s the lineup. Of course, there are the alternative films (including Shaun of the Dead and The Mummy), the yet-to-be-announced choices, and another undisclosed title between The Thing and [REC], which UF describe as the “scariest film” of the night. But so far, as the selection stands, there will be plenty of frights in store for everyone. Enjoy!

Tickets for the Union Films Halloween All-Nighter cost £10, and can be purchased from the SUSU Box Office.


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