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UPDATE: Unfortunately, permission for this screening to take place outdoors was not obtained. A note from the Union Films team: “Our minions are currently working on making this a suitably epic event, and we’ll be posting up more details in later in the week!”

Union Films is undoubtedly one of the best things about the University of Southampton’s Student Union, and every summer at the end of exams they give every student the chance to experience film in a new way, with an outdoor screening under the stars. A great way to end the year, attending a Union Films outdoor screening should be on everyone’s bucket list. This year Union Films are screening one of the stand-out animated films of the year: Big Hero 6, which tells the story of the relationship between young prodigy Hiro Hamada and a loveable inflatable robot, as they team up with friends to create a group of superheroes.

Watching a film on a big screen with surround sound is a fantastic experience, and we have some hints and tips to make sure you get the most out of the experience:

1) Bring extra layers/a blanket: While hopefully it will still be wonderfully warm through the evening, once the sun sets you’ll start feeling the chill. Make sure you bring an extra layer so you don’t find yourself shivering violently through the last act of the film like I did the first time I attended a UF outdoor screening. Watching the ending of Iron Man 3 just wasn’t quite the same with my knees tucked up under my jumper.

2) Thermos of hot drink: Along the same lines as the above, a thermos of tea or coffee is perfect for when you’re part way through watching the film, and it will help keep you warm as the night gets colder.

3) Something to sit on: After a little while grass doesn’t feel so soft – its probably prudent to bring something like a yoga mat or picnic blanket to share. Some people even brought deck chair, but I wouldn’t advise that if you want to sit in the middle – you’ll only irritate the people behind you!

4) Make sure you get there early: Union Films outdoor screenings are incredibly popular, so make sure to get there early so that you get a seat in the middle of the area. You don’t want to be the ones squeezed into the back at the last minute.

Union Films Outdoor screening of Big Hero 6 will take place on the grass between the Interchange and the Red Brick outside building 42, is free, and is scheduled to start at 8:00pm. 


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