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Union Films is a-buzz with anticipation for our big event of November – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. That is not quite upon us yet though, so to tide you over we have some films that should interest and thrill you, starting with the highly anticipated Mr Holmes.

Mr Holmes, Tuesday 10th 7:00pm

Kicking off this week, we are showing Mr Holmes starring the perfectly cast Sir Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes.Mr-Holmes2

The year is 1947 and a now 93 year old Holmes is reflecting on his final case, however with his increasing age and frailty, he struggles against his fading memories. Can Holmes reconstruct the course of events or will the reason he retired remain a mystery?

Any fan of Holmes – be it the BBC series or the books – should have a great time watching this one. If you’re still undecided whether you’ll enjoy it, be sure to watch the trailer and hopefully you will be convinced.

The Salt of the Earth, Wednesday 11th 7:30 pm

This week’s Phoenix film is The Salt of the Earth – a brazilian biopic of the work of photographer, Sebastião Salgado. We gain an insight into the life of the photographer as well as some of his most famous works.

A visually striking tribute from one artist to another, this is one to see if you have any interest in contemporary photography. Watch the trailer here.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, Thursday 12th 7:00pm

To get you in the mood for Mockingjay Part 2 we’re showing Part 1 completely for free!

Join us in watching Katniss fight against the Capitol with the citizens of district 13. If you missed out on our run of The Hunger Games last year then this is the perfect time for you to catch up before watching part 2 next week! Watch the trailer here.

Southpaw, Sunday 15th 8:00pm

Our final film this week is Southpaw. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams and Forest Whitaker, the film tells the story of a down-and-out boxer. This is also one of the last films to feature a score by the late James Horner.

Billy (Gyllenhaal) has defeSouthpaw-12nded his title and decides to retire while he’s at the top. However, events transpire that leads to the loss of his wife and daughter, driving Billy down a road of depression and drug abuse. Billy has one last chance to return to the ring and redeem himself, but can he do it?

Continuing in the tradition of Rocky and Raging Bull, this should be an emotionally powerful film depicting the underdog rising above all that besets him, if you’re still unconvinced watch the trailer here.

Tickets can be picked up for all this week’s films here for only £3

It’s not too late to pick up our year pass for only £40, you only need to watch 14 films to make it worth it, and there are some very exciting films yet to be announced.


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