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Read these next words closely because what I’m about to tell you could change your life forever. Take a single £1 coin, go to your nearest CEX and scour that building for a DVD copy of Manborg. This simple process might just enrich your life, and change your perspective on the world forever… It certainly did for me. 

Hyperbole aside, Manborg is absolutely quintessential viewing for fans of the B Movie genre. With a budget of approximately CAD$1000, and filmed almost entirely in what seems to be someone’s basement on a green screen, Manborg is the greatest bad film ever made. Sure, The Room is hilariously terrible, and Sharknado is one big joke, but there’s something incredibly endearing and gripping about the sheer ridiculousness of Manborg

After losing his brother to the invading demon forces of the Hell Wars, a simple soldier awakens to his new robotic body in a dystopian future. In a world overtaken and ruled by Count Draculon (Adam Brooks) and his army of fascist devils, Manborg (Matthew Kennedy) must team up with kung-fu movie parody Number One Man (Ludwig Lee), and the fast-mouthed brother-sister duo of Mina (Meredith Sweeney) and Justice (Conor Sweeney) to topple the regime and save humanity forever, all while seeking revenge for his brother and trying to learn what has brought him to the future in this new form.

With horrifying claymation demons that I could only imagine resemble Wallace and Gromit’s sleep paralysis monsters, utterly insane action sequences and some of the best intentionally awful dialogue ever written, Manborg is a masterpiece of parody cinema. As a huge fan and collector of B Movies like Sharktopus, Sharktopus vs Pteracuda and Troll 2, Manborg is easily my favourite of the genre. Its ruthless disassembling of B Movie tropes along with its ‘8 year old playing with a DigiBlue camera’ charm makes this quite possibly my favourite film of all time. Move over Hitchcock and stand aside Welles,  because Steve Kostanksi has achieved perfection with Manborg.

Deliciously cheesy, side-destroyingly funny and even at times genuinely impressive, Manborg is a great watch no matter your state of inebriation. 

Check out the official trailer for Manborg below!


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