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If you’re an avid film fan, then one of the places you’re likely to cherish most is your local cinema. Luckily, if you’re a film student or mainly a keen filmgoer situated in Southampton, then the city and the surrounding area has plenty to offer when it comes to cinemas and our writers have been picking their favourite ones.

Union Films

Union Films is probably one of the most well-known cinemas to students of University of Southampton because it is on campus. It’s easily the most accessible, in both its location and its ticket prices. Why spend £15 a ticket at ODEON or other expensive chains, when you can see a film surrounded by all your pals for just £3 or £4?

This cinema should be praised for its community spirit it holds as it’s collectively run by a variety of student volunteers. Showing both mainstream classics and independent darlings, Union Films gives a platform for many voices to be showcased.

Alongside its convenient location, affordable ticket pricing and wide-ranging films, the seats at Union Films aren’t bad at all. Sure, they may not be as comfortable as the premium seats at ODEON, but for £3 or £4, you can’t go wrong.

Union Films should be visited by every student at some point during their studies. Support the Union and its independent films, all for the price of a Tesco meal deal!

Georgie Holmes

Link to Union Films’s website can be found here

Everyman Winchester

If you’re a lover of film, and are looking to dive into your student loan, then Everyman Winchester is the cinema for you. For starters, you are seated in style with their array of armchairs and sofas, giving you the comfort of home viewing with the benefits of a cinema screen. But what makes Everyman Winchester superior to all other cinemas is the food and drink delivery service; prior to the film you can order at the bar, then whatever food and drink of your choice like pizza and wine will be delivered right to your seat. I’ve only witnessed this luxurious cinema once, and although Mary Queen of Scots (2018) wasn’t the greatest film I’ve ever seen, the seating and overall experience were worth the slightly more expensive tickets. If you’re not sure what to do this freshers, paying a trip to Everyman Winchester will be worth the short bus ride for the delusions of grandeur that it will give you.

Maddie Lock

Link to Everyman Winchester’s website can be found here

ODEON Southampton 

Located just opposite the legendary Oceana Nightclub, ODEON Southampton is the perfect cinema for those that like to cry to a cheesy RomCom then get down to party in the cheese room next door. The 13 screen cinema shows a wide variety of film from new releases to classic blockbuster – there is a movie for every mood and with the comfy seats and huge screens, including IMAX, you will never miss out on the action no matter where you are situated in the auditorium. ODEON also does cheap student tickets and accepts loads of voucher deals, so all you will need is a few pennies and some spare time to watch any movie of your fancy. ODEON no longer has a ticket booth and instead there are ticket machines for payment, making it perfect for those who hate social interaction. The limited social interaction extends as the cinema regularly shows films throughout the day meaning the cinema is not overly busy and perfect for those who want to watch a film in peace.

Morgan McMillan

Link to ODEON Southampton’s website can be found here

Harbour Lights Picturehouse

I’ve always loved the movies, but when I was younger, bright eyed and bushy-tailed, the actual cinema experience would go unnoticed. My mum would load up the 2005 Ford Focus with the whole family and whisk us off; I’d be too busy crushing it on Mario Kart to really take in the moment. I was there for two things: a new movie and a large tub of salted popcorn all to myself. Now I’m older, with disposable income and a refined pallet, I can stop to appreciate the joys of not only the film, but the cinema experience itself. Harbour Lights, located just outside of town in Ocean Village, is one of 23 Picturehouse cinemas in the country. They deliver not only independent, international and heritage films that are less likely to be projected into mass market cinemas, but also a bespoke experience with attention to film-appropriate décor, a bar with craft beers on tap, and their popular quiz nights which happen monthly. Harbour Lights isn’t just a trip to the movies to see that latest Matt Damon flick that your mates have been raving about; it’s a day out, maybe stopping by the harbour or the nearby Dancing Man’s Brewery!

Miles Rebeiro

Link to Harbour Lights Picturehouse’s website can be found here

Showcase Cinema De Lux Southampton

Possibly the most expensive in regards to ticket price at face value, the Showcase Cinema De Lux is perfect if you’re looking to upgrade for a special occasion or watch your eagerly awaited film in bespoken luxury. Positioned just on the border of Westquay Shopping Centre, you can’t miss it with its distinctive architecture, or the fact that it reads Showcase on the building. Inside the complex there is a Nando’s, TGI Fridays and Five Guys downstairs for dining options, with the cinema upstairs containing a Costa and a refreshment kiosk (if you’re that kind of viewer). However, the real selling point is the recliner seats at no additional cost and have user controls for both leg-rest and back-rest. It sounds pedantic but I promise that your mind will swiftly change once you experience the satisfying movement of your seat gently tilting backwards and your legs lifting into the air. It’s not the cheapest cinema outing, but if you haven’t experienced what cinema luxury would be like (apart from noisy viewers), then frankly you’re missing out!

Theo Smith

Link to Showcase Cinema De Lux Southampton’s website can be found here




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