Writer’s Pick: Worst Comedy Films


Now, we are all accustomed to a cheeky comedy film. With all the jokes, gimmicks and innuendos we laugh until our bellies hurt. But what makes a comedy film so bad that it makes us want to turn the screen off at the sheer cringe of it all? What makes it so uncomedic that we want to cry for the poor actors who had to endure it day in and out? Here we unravel the top worst comedy films.

3. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

So we all thought the first movie was bad right? I mean it had a few wholesome giggles but nothing that really intrigued the brain. God knows why they thought a second movie was a good idea as this one was just plain awful. In this instalment, we see our bumbling mall cop six years after the events of the first movie try and bring down a group of thugs who are planning on stealing valuable pieces of art. Typical, I know. Obviously, Blart manages to take down supposed gangsters with non-lethal equipment and incapacitate the leader with an oatmeal-based concealer. This movie was filled with more eye rolls than belly laughs and scored a mere 5% on Rotten Tomatoes.

2. Dumb and Dumber To

This is proving to show that making a second movie years after the success of the first instalment isn’t always the best idea. Let’s not be hasty here though, the first movie was filled with innuendos which had us giggling throughout. This film really is a hit and miss when it comes to humour. Twenty years after its first debut this film sees the duo go across the country in search of Harry’s daughter so she can provide him with a kidney. Travelling to El Paso on a Zamboni, trying to outrun a tornado and showering in water from a nuclear power plant. These are just some of the ridiculous shenanigans that the pair get up to. It’s not known how or why this managed to get a reboot but somehow it managed to score 30% based on 154 reviews.

1. Scary Movie 4

Ok, this one might cause a little bit of controversy but let’s all agree that parody films aren’t necessarily needed in the industry. We have the original, so why do we need a cheesy not so funny remake that will ultimately flop at the box office. Now the first few movies were alright, the third was bearable but the fourth is downright bad. Yes, it did score relatively ok on reviews, but on this occasion, it didn’t seem to score well for the audience. Referencing the Saw franchise, the Grudge, and Amityville horror, this film failed to reach the epitome of comedy that spoofs try and portray. Unfortunately, the producers felt it necessary to make one more of these tiresome films but by then the novelty of spoofs had worn off and had left the viewer very much underwhelmed.


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