The Short of the Week: Feast


Written and directed by Patrick Osborne and winner of the Academy Award for Best Short Film is Feast. Its story stems from Osbourne’s idea that you could tell a life story simply through plates of food, add a cute little dog named Winston and you have the sweetest of Disney’s short film.

Feast begins with the adoption of Winston, a street pup, after he is lured by a chip and a welcoming hand. The dog’s growing up is shown through a montage of meals- from the plain old dog food he begins with to lavish meals of nachos and meatballs. Change is introduced in the form of a sprig of herbs that signals Winston’s owner’s newfound relationship, and after its breakup it is Winston who saves it by tracking down the woman with a green sprig tucked in his mouth.

In six minutes the audience is taken on a journey through a puppy rescue, a relationship’s breakup and makeup, a marriage, and a child- made plausible through a narrative of food. Feast is a heart-warmingly romantic tale (especially in the hands of a dog named Winston) told through seamlessly fast editing and beautifully hand drawn animation, shot primarily at a dog’s height. Osbourne shows that an abundance of food and a cute dog are a winning combination. It will leave audiences smiling- and probably a little bit hungry.

Feast (2014), directed by Patrick Osborne, is distributed in the UK by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Certificate U.


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