The Short of the Week: Frozen Fever


Frozen Fever was the first official sequel to the 2013 phenomenon that warmed the hearts of children and made many adult want their child to just ‘Let It Go!’ The original film was an overnight success for The Walt Disney Company and made over four million dollars at the box office – a sequel was inevitable.

The short film screened before Kenneth Branagh’s runaway hit Cinderella, sees the return of Arendelle favourite royal sister duo, Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell) whom are celebrating Anna’s birthday even though Elsa has an unlikely cold. The short film is adorably charming and heart-warming and feels like it ends as soon as it starts. The seven minutes of action flies by all while you have a giant smile upon your face, as what the film lacks in length, it makes up in laughter and excitement.

Frozen Fever mainly focuses on a new upbeat musical number ‘Making Today A Perfect Day,’ composed by the original Frozen song-writing duo Kristin Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez. The song is full of exposition, detailing memorable settings and characters like the loyal reindeer Sven and the scheming Prince Hans that featured in the original film. The song makes no effort to contend with the power ballad that is ‘Let It Go’ but is successfully consistent in its vision. This could be because the directors from the original film were also onboard and made sure Frozen Fever followed the inspiring vision that Frozen left behind.    

The short film also sees Anna and Elsa get beautiful new dresses, which Elsa can now apparently make with her powers. Undoubtedly, this will become a marketing ploy for Disney as legions of children will want the new must have Frozen products. Interestingly and excitingly on the 12th of March, Disney announced an official feature length sequel to Frozen which will be released in cinemas. 

Frozen Fever (2015), directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, is distributed by Walt Disney Studios, Certificate U. 


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    Having been dragged to see Cinderella, this was just what I needed to put me in a good mood before hand. Not that I let it show. I was still going to a grumpy bastard no matter what

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