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After serving up a storm on the festival circuit, Matt Ross’ Captain Fantastic, starring Viggo Mortensen, Kathryn Hahn and Frank Langella, is slated to arrive on UK shores on 9th September.

The film tells the story of father of six Ben (Mortensen) who lives with his family in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. The family live off the land and the kids are raised through physical and intellectual education, all provided by their father’s teachings. However when tragedy strikes, the family are forced to leave the forests and enter society – a task that will challenge Ben as much as it will the kids.

Mortensen seems to be a great fit for the role, providing the perfect balance between free spirited and loving teacher, and stern, passionate father. It will surely be another role for the Danish actor to add to his sterling resumé, along with a strong ensemble to back him up and, hopefully, some good performances from the child actors.

The concept and story is fresh and original, which will stand as a welcome break in the sequel-ridden cinematic age we are currently living in. A mix of drama and comedy, critics have already praised its humour and laugh out loud moments, whilst also praising the more straitlaced aspects of the film. It will act as a coming-of-age sort of film for all ages also, as the emotional undertones to what will only be Ross’ second film to date look set to tug on the heartstrings of even the most resilient of moviegoers.

Having premiered back at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival in January, the film has already scored highly positive reviews from critics, with most of the adoration being focused on its thought provoking themes and the lead performance from Mortensen. With the film recently heading into general release over in the US, audiences have also shown appreciation for the film and hopefully this will still be the case when it opens in UK cinemas. Be sure that you don’t let this one fly under your radar.

Captain Fantastic, directed by Matt Ross, is due to be released by eOne Entertainment on 9th September. Certificate TBC.


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