TrollHunter ★★★★☆


Here are some facts I leant from TrollHunter, a new Norwegian pseudo-documentary which busts the myths on the gnarly-looking fairytale creatures:

  1. Thyme and ultraviolet light repels trolls;
  2. Trolls aren’t fans of Christianity;
  3. The two main breeds of troll are ‘woodland’ and ‘mountain’. Sub-species include ‘ringlefinch’, ‘tosserlad’, ‘jontar’, and one that resembles Ozzy Osbourne;
  4. A troll’s diet includes sheep, cows and other assorted livestock, as well as concrete and charcoal;
  5. Trolls are mammals;
  6. Female trolls have a gestation period of between 10 and 15 years, and they bear only one child;
  7. Trolls cannot be seen from satellite pictures;
  8. Electricity powerlines across the Norwegian countryside are in fact fences to keep trolls within their respective territories;
  9. When trolls expire, they either turn to stone or explode; and
  10. TrollHunter is a wild, brilliantly original twist on the monster movie that puts a different spin on the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ folktale.

Trollhunter (2011), directed by André Øvreda, is distributed in the UK by Momentum Pictures, certificate 15.


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