Top 10 Films to Look Out For in 2013


2013 has a lot of upcoming releases to look forward to. Edge film critic Kat Mortram gives her roundup of what to look out for:

1. Star Trek Into Darkness – 17th May

What could be better than Sylar, Sherlock Holmes and Shaun of the Dead combining with other impressive actors to create the unique cast for the legend that is Star Trek? The success of the prequel has left fans wanting more, and after the long wait of four years the franchise has finally returned. With Benedict Cumberbatch playing the villain who must be stopped, you know the film is going to be amazing in terms of acting, plot, graphics and above all, it will live long and prosper.

2. Pacific Rim – 12th July

Giant robots fighting aliens over Earth, what more could a man ask for? But seriously, the graphics in this film are top notch and the aliens have the most impressive appearance since Alien (1979). The release of the trailer had a huge impact on the public, after being released for only three weeks on Youtube, the teaser has already had seven million views showing what really makes a hit; big monsters, machines, violence and the apocalypse. What else could we want?

3. Now You See Me – 21st June

I would recommend this one to those who enjoyed The Prestige (2006), Now You See Me presents the unusual tale of a group of magicians who are capable of robbing banks during their performances and bringing the money to the audience, they are, of course, tracked down for their crimes, but they seem to have a bigger illusion prepared for a finale. This film shows potential in the impressive cast as well, including Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine.

4. Iron Man 3 – 26th April

The much anticipated Iron Man 3 is almost here, bringing us the most dramatic events for Tony Stark to date. His private life in invaded and threatened by the dangerous rival Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley. When watching the trailer, it shows Stark struggling with himself for the first time, so hopefully the film will become more personal, making Stark’s character more complex, as well as entertaining with the usual explosive action.

5. Anchorman: The Legend Continues – TBA

I think this rating speaks for itself, Ron Burgundy and his team are back, though not much else about the film has been released yet other than that. It is being kept under wraps, but after having almost a decade since the original, this one will hopefully be another Will Ferrell classic!

6. Warm Bodies – 8th  February

I singled this film out not only because it stars Nicholas Hoult, though he indeed made it easier on the eyes, but because of the unusual plot. Imagine how a zombie feels in an apocalyptic world and now imagine what happens when he fancies a living girl? This innovative story will have the audience laughing, sobbing and screaming by the looks of things.

7. 21 and Over – 29th March

I will admit this film seems quite similar to The Hangover (2009), but introduces us into the party life of 21 year olds. It is essentially about a crazy night out and trying to find someone who disappears in the process (à la The Hangover) yet when I watched the trailer the humour is ingenious and it made me laugh out loud so I would recommend it for those who enjoy the light-hearted.

8. Monsters University – 12th July

Call me insane, but Monster Inc. (2001) was a classic film, everyone remembers Mike Wazowski and Kitty. In this film, which is technically a prequel, we follow Mike and Sully through their years at university. The trailer is very promising and after being given twelve years to follow up on the first movie, it’s going to be a screamer! (Pause for laughter)

9. Epic – 24th May

From the makers of Ice Age (2002) and Rio (2011) comes Epic;  we are introduced into a tiny fantasy world in the wild, where good is fighting evil unknown to us. The quality of the animation is incredible in this film, let’s hope it will live up to its title, and bring us the entertainment to match the incredible graphics.

10. World War Z – 21st June

I know it’s another film about zombies, but this one takes a much more serious approach.  Starring Brad Pitt, the film presents a classic apocalypse scenario where one man can save the world, not an original plot obviously, but the trailer portrays the zombies as much more wild and threatening than previous films, even showing them climbing over each other to overcome a wall and almost a tidal wave of them, falling over each other, rushing down a street through the gun fire. The film’s effects definitely give it a chance of being one of the best zombie apocalypse creations.


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  1. Thor is played by Chris Hemsworth, who is not in Star Trek Into Darkness. He was in the first one, but only briefly, and will not be in the sequel. You’re thinking of Chris Pine, who hasn’t played anyone famous aside from Kirk.

    And this is less pedantry than it is a difference of opinion, but World War Z looks terrible, and insulting to the brilliant book on which it’s based. Fast zombies? Eurgh.

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