How to Train your Dragon 2 trailer released


A new trailer for Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon 2 has been released, and the second film in the planned trilogy looks set to uphold the Dreamworks charm, and so can probably be forgiven for taking a completely different route to the How to Train Your Dragon novels by Cressida Cowell.

The trailer for the sequel, set 5 years after the first instalment How to Train Your Dragon, begins with an older and more warrior-like Hiccup announcing “there’s a whole other world of dragons out there!” whilst surrounded by a forest full of the scaly creatures. This is no exaggeration. It seems that Hiccup and his dragon Toothless are adventuring out to explore new worlds, but end up discovering a secret cave inhabited by many unknown species of dragons, and in doing so come across Hiccup’s long-lost mother as well as a crazed warlord Dragon Rider named Drago Bludvist, who sets out to capture and raise an entire army consisting of all the world’s dragons. Inevitably a battle ensues with Hiccup and Toothless having to work together to stop Drago and protect the peace of their land.

Cate-Blanchett-as-Valka-in-How-to-Train-Your-Dragon-2Based on the trailer, the animation seems to have improved on the already high bar that Dreamworks is known for raising, and whatever you think of the very loose basis on the novel series, this story of friendship, courage and loyalty is nothing short of heart-warming. It looks like there is still elements of the Hiccup who won over the audiences in the first film; clumsy, awkward and not really knowing his place, but it is also nice to see that there has clearly been some character development in Hiccup. And let’s be honest, no matter what age you are, we all love dragons!

How to Train your Dragon 2 will hit the big screens on 4 July 2014.


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