Union Films – What’s Coming Up This Week (16/02/2015 – 22/02/2015)


We hope you enjoyed the weekend just gone, with a free screening and a Saturday afternoon film from the Phoenix Films Society, it was definitely an interesting couple of days. We also hope the SUSU Equality and Diversity Committee had as much fun hosting Interstellar and Pride as we did! Now to the week ahead:

Birdman – Tuesday 17th February at 19:00 birdman_still_3

Without a doubt,one of the highlights of the Spring Season, we will be showing the critically acclaimed Birdman this Tuesday. It follows the story of faded actor Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton), who was once famous for his role as superhero, Birdman. It’s 20 years since the blockbuster movie trilogy and the character, who is now more famous than the actor himself, has taken hold of Thomson’s life. Now trying to bolster what artistic reputation he has left, attempts to star and produce is own Broadway show.

Receiving 9 Oscar Nominations, Birdman is a film not to miss this week!


IN bloomIn Bloom (Grzeli nateli dgeebi) – Wednesday 18th February at 19:30

Submitted as the Georgian entry for the Best Foreign Film at the 86th Academy Awards, In Bloom  is this week’s film from Phoenix.

It’s 1992 in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi and two girls Eka and Natia are planning an escape. Living with chaotic families, they plan to leave, escaping the societal customs at the time.

Winning prizes at the Berlin International Film Festival, In Bloom is a great watch for any indie film fan.


sharknadoSharknado – Sunday 23rd at 17:00 – Free Chemsoc Screening

Chemsoc will be hosting a free screening of Sharknado this Sunday!

As a freak cyclone ravages the Los Angeles coast, deadly man-eating sharks are thrown across the city. Chaos ensues, and surfer Fin must try everything to protect his friends and family. But as thousands of sharks fall from the sky, surely there’s nothing the group can do to protect the ravaged populace? Perhaps some explosives and a chopper will do the trick?

Receiving an 82% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it really is so bad it’s good. The screening is open for everyone, so come along and enjoy.


theory-of-everything-behind-the-scenesThe Theory of Everything – Sunday 22nd February at 20:00

Another critically acclaimed film, we’ll be showing The Theory of Everything this Sunday. Celebrating the most brilliant physicist of our time, Professor Stephen Hawking, The Theory of Everything looks at his early life.

Diagnosed with motor neurone disease at just 21, Hawking was given only 2 years to live, but at Cambridge, he meets his future wife Jane Wilde. Having three children, the couple’s relationship is tested, whilst his body failed over time, his academic success and celebrity soared.

One week, and 14 Oscar nominations, this is going to be an amazing week at Union Films. For our full line-up go to our website and you can purchase tickets from SUSU Box Office. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news or tune in to Surge Radio every Friday night between 8pm and 9pm for news, reviews and competitions from your student cinema.

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Don’t forget we are also drawing close to our Middle Earth Marathon when we join the likes of Bilbo and Frodo on their legendary quests on the 28th February and the 1st March. If you buy your tickets before the 22nd of February to get an exclusive T-Shirt! Find out more now at our website or the Facebook event! Not something to be missed.



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