Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

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A side splitting addition to a family favourite.

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Kirk Jones pulls out all the stops in this hilarious sequel to the classic family comedy. I’ll admit the trailer left me dubious as to the quality of this film as the first instalment I felt would be difficult to top. However, I was already pleasantly surprised from the opening scenes as the film left the viewers, myself included, rolling in the aisles.

The story picks up years after the previous film by which time Toula and Ian’s daughter, Paris,  has come of age and must choose a university in which to continue her studies. Her family’s dilemmas and constant involvement in her life however cause chaos and prove this a difficult task to fulfil.

The film draws on its predecessor several times through the appearance of familiar jokes, but does not rely on it for its humour. It also contains a refreshingly original twist to the plot line which makes this as brilliantly funny as the original; a quality rarely found in sequels, particularly comedies.

Aside from providing hilarious fun for all the family it is also extremely heart-warming at times with touching moments the family share and words of wisdom from Toula’s parents.  It also provides romantic scenes without being overly cheesy, fulfilling its status as a rom-com without restricting its audience to fans of this genre. The only downside perhaps is Aunt Voula’s constant jokes about her body parts which become somewhat tiresome towards the end. This aside, this is a wildly funny and touching story which will have you in stitches right through to the end.

This is comedy at its height and will definitely not disappoint.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016), directed by Kirk Jones, is distributed in the UK by Universal Pictures. Certificate 12A. 


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