DVD & Blu-Ray: The Incredibles ★★★★☆


The Incredibles is perhaps one of Pixar’s weakest offerings, with a story and animation style more flimsy than, say, Toy Story or Finding Nemo. It does, however, boast some wonderful animated action sequences, and it’s still a cut above many of the films from the DreamWorks stable.

What is rather nice is that it shows both sides of a family of superheroes – the domestic and the professional – and both are as funny and entertaining as each other. The kids are annoyingly precocious but still lovable, and their ‘incredible’ parents are convincingly caring and responsible whilst still battling an evil nemesis.

Although it had some parents and critics worried around its release due to some of the more violent scenes, it still carries a ‘U’ certificate, which tells you all you need to know – there are some explosions, confrontations and battles, but these are so far removed from reality that they are exciting and humorous rather than hard-hitting.

I don’t consider it a classic (although I’m well aware some do), but The Incredibles is still a colourful, enjoyable treat and looks great in high-definition thanks to this new Blu-ray release.

The Incredibles (2004), directed by Brad Bird, is available on DVD and Blu-ray disc from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, certificate U.


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