BluChristmas #23: Lovely Molly (2012)


Lovely Molly is an outstanding new horror film from Eduardo Sánchez, the co-director of The Blair Witch Project. He is widely regarded as the man who invented, or at least helped champion, the found-footage horror movie, and his latest chiller is an exceptional marriage of third-person and first-person narrative filmmaking. Though arguably derivative, its tone and the way Sánchez handles his material makes it succeed and feel fresh and original.

The movie was shot by John W. Rutland using the Red One digital camera. As people will know, films shot on Red have a habit of transferring really well to Blu-ray, and this is no exception. Get it, turn off the lights, and enjoy one of the creepiest little horrors of the past few years.

Lovely Molly (2012), directed by Eduardo Sánchez, is released on Blu-ray disc by Metrodome Distribution, Certificate 15. 




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